Nissan Magnite AMT: Buy Or Not?

    Nissan has debuted the Magnite with AMT (or EZ-Shift, as the business puts it). The Japanese automaker says that the Magnite AMT would provide the best value to buyers. We just drove it to see if this is simply a boast or if you can genuinely put your money in the vehicle.

    What is Nissan Magnite?

    Before we get into the specifics of the AMT version, let’s first get a sense of the Magnite. The sub-4-metre small SUV will be available in December 2020. Since then, it has been Nissan’s volume driver. The significance of this vehicle may be gauged by the fact that it is now the only product marketed by the company in the Indian market.

    The Magnite has seen the inclusion of various special edition versions along the way, including Geza, Red, and Kuro. And, to some extent, these improvements have kept the car youthful. To put things in perspective, Nissan sold 14,650 Magnites in the domestic market from April to September of FY24, according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). This is more than the combined volume of Stellantis brands like Jeep (2,994 units) and Citroen (4,473 units) over the same period, which was 7,467 units.

    The Magnite is powered by two engines: a B4D 3-cylinder 1.0-litre normally aspirated petrol engine and an HRAO 3-cylinder 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. Both engines come equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. From the start, the turbo petrol has an automated continuously variable gearbox (CVT). However, the manufacturer has just recently offered an automatic manual gearbox (AMT) option to the naturally aspirated petrol. This is quite unexpected given that the Magnite’s competitor, the Renault Kiger, has had it since its debut in February 2021.

    Nissan Magnite AMT: Buy Or Not?, Axpert Media

    How does the Nissan Magnite AMT/EZ-Shift perform?

    The naturally aspirated petrol engine in the Magnite AMT provides 72PS of maximum power and 96Nm of peak torque. As these data indicate, the car is not particularly powerful, therefore it doesn’t anticipate much performance from it. While driving it, you should use a careful approach. Furthermore, because this is a 3-cylinder engine, the refinement level is low, with vibrations perceived within the cabin.

    The 5-speed AMT, for its part, has restrictions. When compared to AMTs in Maruti Suzuki or even Hyundai vehicles, downshifts take a little longer. This automobile takes its own sweet time to achieve triple-digit speed, despite modest acceleration. In such a case, you must use extreme caution, particularly during high-speed overtakes on highways, and plan them meticulously.

    Although a highway is not the best playground for the Magnite AMT, it performs well in city situations. Your life will be so much easier now that you don’t have to worry about shifting ratios or engaging the clutch pedal manually. With the creep feature, you may drive comfortably even in heavy traffic. The car will not roll backwards on an incline or uphill road if a hill-hold assist is available.

    In terms of fuel economy, the Magnite AMT offers an ARAI-certified mileage of 19.7 kmpl. However, after driving on somewhat ‘not-so-busy’ routes, we achieved roughly 15kmpl with the unit we were given.

    What has changed in the Nissan Magnite AMT/EZ-Shift?

    Nissan has released a new dual-tone colour option with the Magnite AMT: Vivid Blue with a black roof. Previously, the blue tone could only be obtained with a white ceiling. Aside from that, the tailgate is branded with EZ-Shift. Everything else remains the same, whether mechanically or in terms of features.

    How much does the Nissan Magnite AMT/EZ-Shift cost?

    The Magnite AMT is available in XE, XL, XV, and XV Premium configurations. It is also available with the Kuro special edition. Prices for each variation (ex-showroom) are shown below.

    • Magnite AMT XE – Rs 6,49,900
    • Magnite AMT XL – Rs 7,44,000
    • Magnite AMT XV – Rs 8,21,000
    • Magnite AMT Kuro – Rs 8,67,000
    • Magnite AMT XV Premium – Rs 8,89,500

    These are introductory rates that apply exclusively to reservations booked before November 10th.

    The Nissan Magnite AMT is India’s most cheap SUV with AMT. The Tata Punch AMT begins at Rs 7,49,900 (ex-showroom), the Hyundai Exter AMT starts at Rs 7,96,980 (ex-showroom), the Renault Kiger AMT starts at Rs 8,46,990 (ex-showroom), and the Maruti Suzuki Fronx AMT starts at Rs 8,87,500 (ex-showroom).

    Finally, should you get the Nissan Magnite AMT/EZ-Shift?

    If you are looking for performance, the Magnite AMT is not for you. However, if you are seeking a cheap SUV for primarily city driving, with an automatic gearbox and great fuel efficiency, as well as a somewhat better road presence, a large cabin, and an acceptable equipment list, the Magnite AMT is a good option.

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    Someone would claim you’re not getting much out of this automobile. But you’re not even paying much for it. To summarize, the Nissan Magnite AMT offers good value for money.

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