Notices to Amazon and Flipkart as Attackers had purchased acid online.

Flipkart and Amazon have received notices from the Delhi Commission for Women on the "easy availability of acid."

Flipkart and Amazon have received notices from the Delhi Commission for Women on the “easy availability of acid.”

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The three men accused of dousing a 17-year-old schoolgirl in acid in Delhi, leaving her in a critical condition in the hospital, purchased the poison through the website Flipkart. Despite a Supreme Court ban on its sale, it has taken another lethal acid assault to reveal how simple it is to obtain acid, whether in person or online.

On her way to class on Wednesday in Dwarka, southwest Delhi, the Class 12 student was attacked by two males on a bike, one of whom threw acid at her. The teen may be seen backing away and then stumbling in pain on a CCTV camera.


Sachin Arora, 20, who had a falling-out with the girl in September, planned the attack. Harshit Aggarwal, 19, and Virender Singh, 22, assisted him.

While Virender moved Sachin’s scooter and phone to a different area in order to fabricate an alibi and deceive the authorities, Sachin and Harshit attacked the schoolgirl with acid.

Despite their best efforts to divert the police’s attention, all three of them were taken into custody within 12 hours.

The acid is said to have been obtained online. According to senior police officer Preet Hooda, utilizing technical proof. Sachin Arora purchased it through Flipkart and paid with his e-wallet.

Following an increase in acid attacks, the Supreme Court has prohibited the over-the-counter selling of acid in 2013. The court had also imposed limitations on individuals who sold acid. Including the need that only licensed shop owners be allowed to do so, that they be registered, and that they maintain a register of customers. Buyers of acid must also provide a justification and identification.


However, NDTV showed that purchasing acid from a store is just as simple as purchasing a bag of chips.

Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi women’s group, claimed purchasing acid is “as simple as purchasing vegetables.”

“It is regrettable that the retail sale of acid is still allowed despite numerous recommendations from the commission. Markets are unrestrictedly and publicly selling acid. In fact, buying acid is just as simple as buying veggies. Acid retail sales must be outlawed by the government “Malala tweeted.

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