Parineeti Chopra Kisses Raghav Chadha While Singing “Ve Maahi” For Him – Watch

    Parineeti Chopra Kisses Raghav Chadha

    In a private ceremony on Saturday night, Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha, who have been in the news for some time, announced their engagement. They got married in Delhi’s Kapurthala House in front of family and friends. Parineeti and Raghav appear to be completely smitten with one another in a popular video of their engagement. We were extremely drawn to a charming video that just appeared online. The AAP leader’s hug and cheek kisses of Parineeti are the highlight of the video.

    The Kesari theme song, “Ve Maahi,” was playing while they danced. While Parineeti was singing the song to her true love, Raghav gave her a gentle embrace and kissed her on the face. 

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    Here is a link to the video:

    Parineeti’s father, Pawan Chopra, briefly appears in the video as he watches her perform while standing in the backdrop.

    For the engagement, the couple each donned a pastel-colored outfit. Parineeti donned a pastel pink outfit with a matching pair of pants that was adorned with small pearls. With a gorgeous maang tika and a set of polki ear cuffs, Parineeti is accessorized. Raghav Chadha, on the other hand, opted for a traditional style with a pink and ivory sherwani.

    Parineeti and Raghav posted identical posts on social media on Saturday night to share their happy news. “Everything I prayed for…I said yes…Waaheguru ji meher Karan,” Parineeti wrote as the description for the photos. 

    The politician-actor pair made headlines when they were twice photographed in Mumbai in March. They have frequently been seen together since then. 

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