The 5 Best Beaches in South India for a Relaxing Beach Vacation

Beaches in South India That Should Be on Your Must-See List

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Almost all of India’s main beaches are in South India, which has a long coastline that includes the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. With Goa nearby and many people considering it to be part of South India, the number of beaches grows even longer. And the incredible island groups, such as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Lakshadweep Islands, are full of beautiful beaches that are dream vacation spots not only for Indians but for people all over the world. 

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With so many beaches to select from, compiling a list of the top beaches in South India becomes a challenging task. However, we did our best, and if you believe we missed any key beaches, please let us know in the comments section below.

1. Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach draws people all year since it is naturally fashioned like the fortunate sign Om. Om Beach is a beautiful beach in the town of Gokarna. The grandeur and peace of the lovely surroundings may be enjoyed here. It’s stunning beauty and clear ocean dashing on the beach provide tourists with a sense of calm. Om Beach is without a doubt one of the nicest beaches in Karnataka.

2. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

The Lighthouse Beach, one of South India’s most gorgeous beaches, is well renowned for its 35-meter-high lighthouse atop Kurumkal hilltop. The Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam offers visitors pristine sand, fantastic waves for surfing and swimming, and mouthwatering cuisine. Kovalam is an attractive resort along the Arabian Sea’s shores, well known for its three clean beaches with shallow seas and moderate tidal waves, where visitors may enjoy surfing, rowing, and speedboat riding.

3. Varkala Beach, Kerala – The cliff-side beach

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach, located approximately 10 km from the tranquil and quiet town of Varkala, is a magnificent beach noted for its isolation, unlike other commercial beaches in Goa.

4. Rishikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam

Rishikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam

Rishikonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South India, with a pristine shoreline on the Bay of Bengal coast near Vishakhapatnam, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The APTDC, which is in charge of this natural treasure, has done an excellent job of looking after it and ensuring that it remains undamaged. Rishikonda Beach has been nicknamed the “Jewel of the East Coast” due to its natural and untouched beauty.

5. Goa – Beaches, Sunsets, and Crazy Nights

Goa - Beaches, Sunsets, and Crazy Nights

Goa, located in the Konkan Coast Belt, has a coastline that stretches for more than 100 km and attracts millions of people from within and beyond the nation every year. Even if it is controversial whether Goa could be considered part of South India, it is nonetheless highly accessible by overnight train or bus from practically all locations of South India. Goa boasts more than 50 beaches available to tourists and is a popular beach destination for both local and foreign visitors.

Best Time: October to March

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