Review of the movie “Mark Antony”: SJ Suryah has fun in this loud and hilarious gangster time-travel movie

This Vishal-starrer, excluding S J Suryah’s charming presence, ends up being an unnecessarily noisy and stupid movie that neither strikes a serious nerve nor a wacky one; it also revives the destructive cliché of antagonizing LGBT characters.

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The talented performer SJ Suryah is featured in another lead part in the sci-fi gangster action drama Mark Antony, which was created by versatile actor Vishal. With its promotional material, the film directed by Adhik Ravichandran has grabbed the interest of the audience. The movie premiered today to positive reviews. Let’s check it out.


Antony (Vishal) and Jackie Marthanda (SJ Suryah) are good friends. Both of them are in conflict with Ekambaram (Sunil), another gang member. One day, Ekambaram murders Antony and leaves the neighborhood. Ekambaram kills Antony one day and flees the area. Jackie is committed to getting retribution on Ekambaram for the murder of his comrade. Jackie raises Mark (Vishal), the son of Antony, and values Mark more than his own son Madhan (SJ Suryah).

Mark, who hates his father, works as a mechanic to make ends meet. The story takes an unexpected turn when he finds a phone that lets him talk to people from the past. How the telephone changed Mark, Madhan, and Jackie’s life is the movie’s main concern.

Plus Points:

The first success is that both portions of Mark Antony are interesting. A unique telephone is used to assist in creating the humor. The rules that describe how the aforementioned telephone should function are the foundation of the comedy as a whole.

The script is nothing unique, as there have previously been a few films with similar plots, but what makes Mark Antony successful are SJ Suryah and Vishal’s outstanding performances. They undoubtedly are Mark Antony’s heart and soul and give the film a fresh feel.

Vishal is a master mechanic and a thug. Even with the severe parent role, the son’s character is endearing. He should be commended for pointing out the distinctions between the two vocations. Vishal is a powerful presence on screen as well. The fight scene on the double-decker is well-designed. Regarding Silk Smitha’s CGI creation, the crew did a terrific job.

Every single time, it’s impossible to avoid falling in love with SJ Suryah. In Mark Antony, the actor is equally perfect, and his humorous delivery makes you smile. The creators do a fantastic job of utilizing SJ Suryah’s own style and flair. The casting staff deserves praise for pairing up SJ Suryah and Vishal.

Minus Points:

There are too many plot aspects and characters in the movie Mark Antony.  If one is even slightly disinterested in the movie, one won’t be able to understand what is going on. There were moments when information was rushed, and detailed explanations would have had a greater impact.

The dialogue is poor, and a few of the elevation moments will make us think of earlier films. The game’s first half loses some of its energy after a good start. The tunes, though, are the major flaw. They are problematic because they behave as speed bumps and obstruct the flow.  The movie becomes a rocky ride whenever songs start to play. The climax falls flat because it lacks impact. Sunil’s personality could have been more clearly defined.

Technical Aspects:

The songs by G.V. Prakash don’t particularly stand out, but the background music is nice and fits the tone of the movie. The past has been tastefully highlighted, and the production design is remarkable. Together with the production design team, Abhinandan Ramanujam provides the cinematography. The editing is merely adequate. The quality of the production is good.

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With Mark Antony, director Adhik Ravichandran did a respectable job. As was already established, he developed his own set of guidelines for the sci-fi component. His goal was to give the audience a wild trip, and through experimenting with the idea, he was able to add humorous moments. If the music had been chosen with more consideration, it might have been better.


Mark Antony is an entertaining gangster action drama overall with strong work from Vishal and SJ Suryah. There are a good number of entertaining moments in both halves that take advantage of the sci-fi theme. For Mark Antony to enjoy the events and the mayhem, careful attention to detail is necessary. The first half of the film drags a little. The climax is disappointing, and the songs are subpar. The movie ends up being a time-pass film if you could overlook these problems.

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