Sevel Injured in Bihar Bomb Blast update incident after Ram Navmi brawl.

    Savarkar Gaurav Yatra in Thane By Chief Minister Of
    Maharashtra Eknath Shinde

    Several cities in Bihar were devastated by racial tensions. As a result of a fight between two groups of individuals on Thursday during the Ram Navami March, two homes in the Shahjalal Pir neighborhoods were set on fire by an unidentified group of hooligans. Two groups of people started throwing stones at one another on Friday, which resulted in violence. Many brawl events and a bomb explosion occurred in the city, according to our sources

    Sevel Injured in Bihar Bomb Blast  update incident after Ram Navmi brawl., Axpert Media

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    Massive explosion in Sasaram 

    On Saturday night, Sehar Ganj locals heard about the explosion. In the wake of the handling of illegal explosives at a private Rohtas property, police learned that at least six individuals had been hurt, and two persons have since been detained. The community rides in Sasaram and Bihar Sharif towns started late on Thursday and continued through Friday. After the violence broke out on Saturday, it was discovered that five persons had been hurt in a bomb blast in Sasaram, Bihar. This event also happened at the same location where a communal fight was reported on Friday. Now heavy forces have been recruited in many parts of Bihar and internet facilities have been shut down in some areas to avoid the communal tensions. 

    Schools closed; internet shut down in parts of Bihar.

    Schools have been shut down till 4th April. The rioters yet again targeted a religious place in Bihar sarif in Nalanda city on Saturday that resulted in gunfire from both the groups. A place of worship was put on fire and miscreants vandalized in the Paharpura area in station in Lahari police station jurisdiction. At sharp 8:00pm the violence started and caused the death of Gulshan Kumar a resident of Paharpur locality. He was taken to hospital and later he passed away. Senior officials responded quickly to the scene of the explosion and immediately opened an inquiry. 

    Police Investigation of case

    The incident is currently under investigation to ascertain if the blast was deliberate or unintentional, and the primary cause of the explosion is still unknown. According to the NIH reports, the incident does not seem to be a communal one. A scooter has also been found in the vicinity where the bomb was supposed to have occurred. DM Dharmendra Kumar Declared that there was a bomb explosion in Sasaram. After then, BHU Hospital received referrals for injured patients. Also, it was revealed that Section 144 had been implemented because of the violence in Sasaram. It was also revealed that a paramilitary unit and a special task force held a flag march on Saturday. Police in Sasaram have detained 45 people so far. The traders in Kadir Ganj, Mubarak Ganj, Chaukhand, and Navratha Bazar closed their stores because of the unrest and violence. As soon as they came, the FSL team took the sample. The inquiry, according to the authorities, conclusively demonstrates that there is no causative relationship between the blast and anything else.

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