Shehnaaz Gill of Bigg Boss 13 Has Been Released From The Hospital

    Bigg Boss 13 celebrity Shehnaaz Gill, who was recently hospitalized owing to a tight shooting schedule, was released earlier today. She had done a live broadcast for fans in which Anil Kapoor joined her, and director Rhea Kapoor came to check on her health.

    Shehnaaz Gill, a Bigg Boss 13 contestant and actress, was released from the hospital today (October 10). She was observed leaving the hospital earlier that evening.

    The actress wore her dupatta around her head. She also walked out of the hospital wearing a mask.

    Shehnaaz recently went live on Instagram to update followers on her condition. Thank you for becoming an upcoming producer. Rhea Kapoor also paid a visit to the hospital to speak with the actress and inquire about her condition. Shehnaaz was admitted to the hospital after contracting a food infection.

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    Shehnaaz Gill of Bigg Boss 13 Has Been Released From The Hospital, Axpert Media

    Anil Kapoor was also present to check on Shehnaaz’s health.

    After discovering that she had been hospitalized, actor Arjun Bijlani inquired about her condition. “Dekho time sabka aata hai, sabka jata hai,” Shehnaaz said live. My saath is vahi hua hai. Fir thode din baad aaega. I’m alright now, guys. Theek mai nhi thi. Infection has occurred. Sandwich kha liya tha, Maine. Food infection hui hai infection. (Everyone’s time comes and passes, and this has also happened in my situation. It will appear again. I’m alright now, guys. I wasn’t feeling great. I ate a sandwich since I wasn’t feeling good. I’ve got a food infection.)”

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    “Namatey Shehnaaz ji,” Anil remarked. You are Mumtaz… the next Mumtaz. “Sab dekh rahe hain, appreciate kar rahe hain” (Everyone is watching and admiring the film). Arjun said, “Hey Shehnaaz… get well soon.”

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