Shikhar Dhawan On His Failed Marriage,” I’ve Myself To Blame For Getting Into It”

    After filing for divorce in September 2021, the Family Court in Delhi yesterday ordered Aesha Mukerji to send their nine-year-old boy to India for a family gathering, stating that

    Shikhar Dhawan, Team India’s opening batsman, has spoken out about his failed marriage to Ayesha Mukherjee.

    Dhawan and Ayesha married in 2012 and had a son named ‘Zoravar’ in 2014.

    However, their marriage hit a snag in the year 2020, and they filed for divorce a year later in September 2021.

    A family court in Delhi ordered Ayesha Mukerji to send their nine-year-old boy to India for a family meeting yesterday, stating that a mother alone does not have complete custody of a child. The couple had started divorce and child custody processes in both India and Australia.

    In an interview earlier this year, Dhawan told a news program, “I failed because the final decision is the person’s own.” I never point the finger at others. “I failed because I was unaware of it.”

    “The things I talk about in cricket today, I would not have known 20 years ago.” It comes with practice.”

    Shikhar Dhawan

    “Right now, my divorce is proceeding. If I wish to marry again tomorrow, I will be wiser in that regard. “I’ll know what kind of girl I want; someone with whom I can spend my life,” he explained.

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    “I wasn’t in a relationship when I was 26-27 and constantly playing.” I used to have a good time, but I was never in a relationship. As a result, when I fell in love, I didn’t notice the red signs. However, if I fell in love today, I will be able to spot those red signals. So, if I notice those red signals, I’m going to leave. If not, I’ll keep going,” he continued. “When young people get into relationships, they need to experience it.” That is significant. “They should not rush into an emotional decision like marriage,” he warned.

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