Skanda Review: Passable Big Mass Action Entertainer

    Skanda marks Energetic Star Ram Pothineni’s debut cooperation with mainstream director Boyapati Sreenu. The film generated a lot of buzz before it eventually hit theatres today.


    Telangana Chief Minister Ranjith Reddy’s (Sharath Lohitashwa) son marries Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rayudu’s (Ajay Purkar) daughter. Rayudu is enraged and tries to exact retribution, but the arrival of Bhaskar Raju (Ram Pothineni) alters everything. Who exactly is Bhaskar Raju? What is his catchphrase? Why did he go after both CMs? Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth) is related to Raju in what way? The film contains all of the answers.

    Plus Points:

    Ram Pothineni’s remarkable metamorphosis for this picture is notable. His beast mode is incredible, especially when he takes down adversaries in action sequences. Aside from his large presence, his great line delivery lends weight to the scenes.

    Sreeleela is a less outstanding heroine, but she demonstrates her ability by captivating audiences with her stunning looks and dance moves.

    Although Srikanth’s screen presence is small, the entire show revolves around him. Daggubati Raju also has a good performance.

    Thaman should be praised for his superb score, which enriches several sequences.

    Minus Points:

    ‘Forget the logic and experience the enchantment,’ is a quote that perfectly describes Boyapati Sreenu’s latest films, particularly the battle scenes in this one. Skanda is no exception in this regard. Although the battles are entertaining and provide the audience with an adrenaline boost, there may be times when they wonder, ‘How is this even possible?’

    Skanda Review: Passable Big Mass Action Entertainer, Axpert Media

    The tale largely doesn’t give anything fresh, which is something Boyapati Sreenu could focus on more. The film begins engagingly but quickly loses steam, sustaining a languid pace in the second half.

    He needs to focus more on the plot, which should be compelling, aside from composing mass conversations that give audiences chills and directing mass bouts that make fans whistle.

    The songs and their placement are both off. With the exception of a couple of tracks, the rest is forgettable.

    The film introduces far too many characters, such as Indraja, Gautami, and others, who have little to do with the plot. The filmmaker should have allowed them more leeway, at the very least allowing them to deliver some conversation.

    The emotional section in the second half is adequate but not exceptional. It could have been better. Some of the dialogues are aimed at political parties, although they may be more appealing to general audiences, particularly in B and C centers.

    Technical Aspects:

    Boyapati Sreenu returns with a populist entertainer that focuses on action rather than sentiment. M Ratnam’s talks are acceptable and occasionally give me shivers.

    Thaman’s background score is dynamic and improves numerous scenes, especially in the first half. Santosh Detake’s cinematography is excellent, particularly in the battle scenes.

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    The editing is good, although there are several needless scenes in the second half that should have been cut for better pacing. The production values are excellent.


    Overall, Skanda is a mass action entertainer with a strong performance by Ram Pothineni, explosive action scenes, and memorable dances. While fans and the general public may love this high-voltage entertainer, others may be turned off by the film’s basic premise, illogical action sequences, and lethargic second half. If you’re okay with these aspects, you could watch this movie this weekend.

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