Stranger Things Season four review: An edge-of-the-seat finale that is going past expectations

Stranger Things Season four review: Made at a grand scale and unfolding across numerous locations with some extremely good visual effects, its finale episodes do not let you down. It’s a complete roller coaster, that’ll leave you breathless.

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If you experience your heart racing, and a need for deep breaths, you realize you’ve simply come out of the Stranger Things four finale. With the final -episodes spread over 4 hours, it was smooth for the plot to go haywire however creators – The Duffer Brothers took the challenge and made it the excellent of all worlds, literally! 

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We had been promised that the final chapters of the supernatural-horror show’s fourth season can be movie-like. All of it felt like this was the way it was speculated to be as promised. Stranger Things four Volume 2 takes off after the cliffhanger finishing of its first part. Vecna’s identification has been revealed. And that’s Henry Creel also known as One. And Nancy is under his control. In the Soviet prison, Hopper and Joyce reunited. 

One could anticipate the show to increase the tempo because it moves along but here, it’s at the 5th gear from the word go. The 3 groups unfold across different locations, everyone looking to take down the Upside Down. And all of them are linked with the same heart that beats for Hawkins, enough reason for them to save it earlier than it succumbs to Vecna’s curse. 

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The preceding seven episodes had their highs and lows, moments of thrill and frustration however the final episodes make up for the whole thing. It all makes sense now. All the characters are part of forces, some in person, some in spirit, and some in thoughts. But, the manner the 3 parallel plots join dots is what makes the finale satisfying. 

In the centre of all of this, there’s additionally emotional drama and reunions, all flavoured with amusement, humour and the reality that the kids (now teenagers) are the actual heroes here. Several fan theories get squashed, and new heroes are born. Nancy leads the plan to go back to Mind Lair with Max being the bait. Hopper, Joyce and others flee the prison however are pressured to go back to kill the captive Demogorgon(s) to weaken Vecna as they all are linked. 

Eleven enters Max’s thoughts and fights Vecna. Things don’t go as per plan and Vecna manages to overpower them all. But what’s a finale without a huge fight? The one we see here is what finales are made of. It’s adrenaline-rushing, dark, daring, scary, and the entirety in between. The high point is that every individual receives their moments of action and a crucial role withinside the larger scheme of things. 

The show has to this point delicately dealt with Robin’s identity. And we predicted the same for Will, something that changed into teased in the preceding part. He is but to pop out, however, his heartbreaking moment with Mike, wherein he shares his emotions subtly, is tear-jerking. Kudos to actor Noah Schnapp for coping with the scene so beautifully.

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