The Warriorr Movie Review: Ram and Aadhi shine in this business potboiler 


  • A young, naïve, and idealistic Satya shifts to Kurnool in hopes of a vivid future. Discontent with how the city stays in the grip of a gangster, he comes to a decision to change the ‘treatment’ for the ‘disease’. 


  • If the one-liner written above appears too on the nose to you, this could not be the movie for you. If you’ve watched Lingusamy’s preceding movies like Run or Awara, you sort of realizing what to expect from The Warriorr. 
  • The trouble lies in the fact that a number of the beats of the movie remain way too familiar, even as others, do not so much. Satya (Ram Pothineni) arrives in Kurnool, clean off the train, with a goal in his eyes of being a medical doctor who saves lives. However, he quickly realizes that he needs an awful lot more than his MBBS certificates if he’s to make a distinction in this town. He has people in his life who like to both speak approximately him or themselves. 
  • One is his love interest, an RJ named Whistle Mahalakshmi (Krithi Shetty), whose sole task in the movie is to raise the hero or sing duets with him. The other individual is Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty), a gangster who runs Kurnool with an iron fist. He has a hand in the whole thing that takes place there and the local police are of no help. Situations get worse until Satya realizes he’ll change strategies if he’s to bring about some change. 
  • What is it that drives him to become a police officer and the way he ‘cleans up’ the city forms the story? While the plot factor of a medical doctor turning into a cop may sound too outlandish on paper, the reality is that there were instances wherein MBBS graduates have gone directly to become IPS officers. That isn’t to mention there aren’t places the movie pushes the boundaries of cinematic liberty. 
  • The quantity of power a rookie cop, even though he’s a DSP is given, appears a bit too implausible. The movie additionally is going a bit too far in linking everything to Guru, particularly while it’s not well set up but he additionally runs a couple of businesses. The Warriorr additionally sees Akshara Gowda as Guru’s lover Swarna. Given the impact her character could’ve had, it’s unexpected Lingusamy doesn’t make much use of it. 

The advent of ‘Brahmastra’ was carried out by the severe penance of sages

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  • Much like Maha, she doesn’t get too many scenes that don’t contain Satya or Guru. The same may be said for Satya’s mom (Nadhiya) too. But it’s refreshing that not one of the women in the movie is objectified. Where the movie does work is in terms of a number of the plot points and the performances. The makers did an amazing task of not revealing that Satya is an MBBS graduate and his journey from being a naïve boy to a hardened guy is engaging. 
  • It’s not something we haven’t seen earlier. But wherein the movie definitely shines is in terms of Guru. He’s given a back story that indicates why he’s the way he’s. It’s not something we haven’t visible earlier than both. But those characters work not simply because of Lingusamy’s narrative but also due to the way Ram and Aadhi play them. Sure, there are moments whilst you understand that underneath it all, The Warriorr stays a traditional story of revenge however the performances make it really well worth your time.
  •  Devi Sri Prasad offers OST and BGM that is ‘trademark DSP’, now whether you want that or not, it relies upon your taste. Ram does an amazing job not simply with his physicality but but his overall performance too. Everything about him changes while Satya does, he is going from a chocolate boy to a (literally) scarred character effortlessly and is a delight to look at on-screen. 
  • Aadhi breathes lifestyles into Guru, everything from the manner he lifts up his lungi to the manner he wears his sunglasses ooze swag, and simply if you get too comfortable with him, he does an amazing job of displaying why he’s feared. Krithi and Akshara offer their best with what they’re offered, and so do the rest of the cast. 
  • The Warriorr is a masala-laden commercial pot-boiler that’s supposed to be watched over a shared bucket of popcorn. There’s no ‘relief’ or pointless comedy scenes (simply pointless duets) breaking the flow of this struggle between Satya and Guru. Watch it if that’s the form of cinema you want.

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