The World Now Has An AI Software Engineer Called ‘Devin’ – Access, Capabilities and All

Cognition, a US-based ai-startup, has launched AI Software Engineer Devin – an artificial intelligence software that will revolutionize the way code is debugged, written, and deployed.

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According to Cognition, Devin AI is capable of taking a simple command and turning it into a functioning website or software program. The AI engineer is operates on sandbox environment, and it can solve tasks using its own code editor and web browser. Moreover, it can even recall relevant context, learn over time and fix mistakes.

Capabilities of Devin AI

Devin AI can not only complete and suggest code, but it can also manage the entire process of developing and releasing entire software applications, something that large language models (LLMs) like Google’s Gemini or OpenAI’s ChatGPT cannot.

Devin AI With Engineering Interviews?

AI Software Engineer Devin has successfully passed several practical engineering interviews from leading AI companies and completed real jobs on the freelancing platform Upwork.

Devin AI’s SWE-Bench Code

According to the company, Devin AI is on the SWE-bench coding benchmark. Which is a dataset of 2,294 software engineering problems extracted from authentic GitHub issues and their corresponding pull requests.

How Does Devin AI Work?

AI Software Engineer Devin operates independently, with its own code editor, command line, and browser. It systematically implements software by breaking down tasks into manageable step. Moreover, it can plan and execute complex engineering projects involving hundreds to thousands of decisions. Here’s a demonstration of Devin AI:

This demonstration video by Devin AI’s has the ability to quickly resolve errors by adding a print statement. Moreover, it also take user feedback, providing real-time progress reports, and collaborating on design etc.

How to Access AI Software Engineer Devin

Devin is not currently publicly available. But there is a good news for those who wants to use Devin for engineering work.

They can contact Cognition directly via email or the contact form for the early access.

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