This firm will pay $100 per hour for 10 hours of TikTok viewing


    We are all aware that spending hours on social networking applications, skimming through the material, and checking out new trends has merely served to distract us without providing any real benefits.

    However, one firm will pay you if you browse TikTok for 10 hours. Yes! You read that correctly.

    Ubiquitous, an influencer marketing agency, has announced that it will pay $100 per hour to three people that will watch TikTok for ten hours. The corporation hopes that the choice would help it evaluate developing internet trends.

    Here’s how you apply for a job watching TikTok:

    To begin, subscribe to Ubiquitous on YouTube and give a brief description of why you’re the greatest match for the role.

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    It should be mentioned that the marketing agency is looking for persons aged 18 and up who understand how the platform operates, specifically trends.

    Participants will be prompted to share their experiences on social media and tag the firm after the viewing session.

    The application deadline is May 31. Seven days following the application deadline, candidates will be contacted.

    ByteDance, a Beijing-based technology business, owns TikTok, a video-sharing social media app.

    Separately, TikTok has established a new fund to compensate producers for augmented reality impacts. TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards fund will compensate creators who develop AR effects with the TikTok Effect House tool.

    Initially, producers will be compensated $700 for each effect utilized in 500,000 distinct videos within 90 days after publication. The investor will get $140 for every 100,000 films posted with the effect within the same time period.

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