TVS Ronin Special Edition Bike is Launched At Rs 1,72,700

    TVS Motor Company today introduced the Ronin Special Edition for Rs 1,72,700 (ex-showroom). The Nimbus Grey color scheme is available for the motorbike.

    The TVS Ronin special edition features updated graphics. It features a three-tone design with gray as the major color, white as the secondary color, and red as the third color (on both the tank and the side panel). The wheel rim has the ‘TVS RONIN’ logo. The lower section of the car is completely black, with a black motif being applied to the headlight bezel.

    In addition, the special edition comes with pre-installed accessories such as a USB charger, a visor, and a redesigned EFI cover.

    TVS Ronin Special Edition Bike is Launched At Rs 1,72,700, Axpert Media

    The motorcycle’s specs have not changed. It has a 4-valve, 225.9cc engine that produces 20.4PS and 19.93Nm of peak torque. A 5-speed gearbox connects to the engine.

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    TVS Ronin pricing (ex-showroom) are shown below for each model.

    TVS Ronin SS costs Rs 1,49,200, 

    TVS Ronin DS costs Rs 1,56,700.

    TVS Ronin TD costs Rs. 1,68,950.

    Rs 1,72,700 for the TVS Ronin Special Edition

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