Udit Raj: No nation ought to elect a leader like Droupadi Murmu, and chamchagiri has its limitations.

    In New Delhi: Udit Raj, the head of the Congress, sparked a significant uproar by making derogatory remarks against President Droupadi Murmu. He declared that she had engaged in “chamchagiri.”

    Udit Raj

    “No nation should elect Draupadi Murmu ji as its leader. Chamchagiri has limitations as well. According to reports, 70% of people consume salt from Gujarat. If you consume salt as a way of life, you will understand, “In a tweet, Udit Raj.

    The Congress leader then clarified that his remarks were made in his personal capacity and had nothing to do with the Congress in the face of intense criticism.

    “My criticism of Draupadi Murmu Ji is personal, not political in nature. made Murmu Ji a candidate and solicited support from Adivasis. After the President took office, were there no Adivasi? The tribal representative is present if there is a president of the nation. Crying occurs when SC/ST-identified individuals see the page but remain silent “In a tweet, he stated.

    After President Murmu said that Gujarat produces 76% of the nation’s salt and that “all Indians use salt produced in the state,” Udit Raj made her comment.

    “In terms of milk production and consumption, India comes in front. Gujarat’s milk cooperatives’ “white revolution” has a significant impact on this. 76% of the salt used in the nation is produced in Gujarat. According to the proverb “yeh kaha jaa sakta hai ki sabhi deshwasi Gujarat kaa namak khate hain,” all Indians eat salt made in Gujarat “According to the President, on October 3.

    Shehzad Poonawalla, a BJP politician. Criticized the grand old party, claiming that its leaders have a history of disparaging those in constitutional positions.

    He charged that by using such words against President Murmu, Udit Raj had gone much paler.

    Another BJP politician, Tom Vadakkan, who had previously been affiliated with the Congress, denounced Udit Raj’s remarks and called for harsh punishment. Vadakkan stated that such remarks against the person holding the nation’s highest office should never be tolerated. The president should always be respected.

    Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, a member of the Congress in the Lok Sabha. Drew harsh condemnation in July 2022 for calling President Murmu “Rashtrapati.”

    The senior Congress politician was sharply criticize by BJP MPs. Including Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who also called for an apology from the Congress.

    Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury apologized to President Droupadi Murmu after receiving a ton of backlash and claimed he had “mistakenly” chosen an “incorrect” phrase to describe the position she held.

    “Just once, I accidentally said the term “rashtrapati,” and it was a slip of the tongue. I never intended to offend the President, “Before apologizing to the president, Chowdhury had informed reporters.

    “Bengali by birth, I’m not used to Hindi. I admit that I erred “The MP for Congress had stated.

    He had added, in reference to the BJP uproar. “I would apologize to President Murmu but not to “these pakhandis” (hypocrites).

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