Vijay Antony’s Daughter Reportedly Commits Suicide

    Meera Antony, Vijay Antony’s daughter, was discovered dead at her Chennai home on Tuesday. According to sources, she was 16 years old.

    On Tuesday, the daughter of actor and music director Vijay Antony allegedly committed suicide. According to reports, she was discovered dead at her Chennai residence. Manobala Vijayabalan, a film trade expert, verified her death. Meera was reportedly 16 years old. Also read: Vijay Antony has ‘ major surgery’ after an accident on the set of Pichaikkaran 2 in Malaysia.

    Vijay Antony’s daughter passes away

    “BREAKING: Actor and music director Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera has committed suicide… at her home this morning,” Manobala Vijayabalan tweeted. SHOCKING! Meera, rest in peace.” Meera’s schoolmates and Vijay Antony’s family are expected to be questioned about her claimed suicide.

    Vijay Antony’s Daughter Reportedly Commits Suicide, Axpert Media

    In response to Meera’s mother’s previous tweet, film trade expert Ramesh Bala wrote, “In March of this year, Mrs. Fatima Vijay Antony was overjoyed that her daughter Meera Vijay Antony elected the cultural secretary of her school students association.” On Twitter, we all congratulated her. To her parents, she was everything. I can’t imagine the agony.”

    Meera’s mother’s old tweet reappears

    Fatima Vijay Antony took to the platform in March and published a photo of Meera in a school uniform, tweeting that she had reached a milestone at school. “The Force behind my strength, the consolation to my tears, the reason for my stress (Naughtiness super loaded) my Thangakatti-chellakutty,” she had written. Congratulations, Meera Vijay Antony.”

    Mira went to a private school in Chennai. According to an India Today article, Meera was rushed to a private hospital in Chennai, where physicians proclaimed her dead after examining her. She was reportedly under stress and receiving treatment for it.

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    Vijay Antony made headlines earlier this year when he revealed that he had undergone surgery for jaw and nose injuries sustained during an accident on the set of his Tamil directorial debut film Pichaikkaran 2 in Malaysia.

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