Vivo Watch 3 Launched: BlueOS, 16-day battery life, Details Here Price, Specifications

    Along with the introduction of its flagship X100 series smartphones, Vivo introduced its latest wearable, the Vivo Watch 3. This new device supersedes the Watch 2, which debuted in 2021. The Vivo Watch 3 improves on its predecessor in various ways. Notably, the smartwatch is now available in China. Vivo is yet to introduce a smartwatch in India.

    Vivo Watch 3 Launched: BlueOS, 16-day battery life, Details Here Price, Specifications, Axpert Media

    The Vivo Watch 3 boasts a slimmer design and a stainless steel rotating crown on the right side for simple use. Its 1.43-inch spherical screen is made of curved glass and features a 3D impression. This screen has a crisp resolution of 466 × 466 pixels and is always on (Always-On Display, or AOD mode). It’s also water-resistant up to 5 meters, which makes it more durable.

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    The Watch 3 will appeal to health and fitness aficionados since it features a heart-rate monitor, and SpO2 sensor, and warns users to irregular variations. The gadget monitors a variety of factors, including sleep, stress levels, and even menstruation cycles in women. It also warns users of excessive loud levels in order to preserve their hearing. It supports over 100 training modes and individualized workout routines, making it suitable for a wide range of fitness regimens.

    The Watch 3 is powered by Vivo’s own BlueOS operating system, which is based on the Rust programming language, and contains functionality such as NFC vehicle keys, camera control, and more. Users may save cards and make payments using wrist-raised swipe and QR code display. It also works with TWS earphones and supports eSIM for hands-free voice calls. It has music storing capability with 64MB RAM and 4GB native storage.

    The Vivo Watch 3 is powered by a 505mAh battery, which provides a stated battery life of 16 days on a single charge. The watch is available in three different colors: Moonlight White, Starlight, and Bright Moon. Pricing varies depending on the version and strap selections. The eSIM model with a leather strap costs CNY 1,399 ($191), while the soft rubber strap model costs CNY 1,299 ($178). The Bluetooth version, which comes with comparable strap choices, costs CNY 1,199 ($164) and CNY 1,099 ($150).

    The Vivo Watch 3 combines fitness monitoring, smart functions, and a sleek appearance to appeal to those looking for a full smartwatch experience at various price points.

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