WhatsApp Soon To Enable Email Address Verification, Which Is Presently Available To Limited Number of Users

    WhatsApp has been adding new features to its platform, and the messaging network is about to release another one that would most certainly improve user experience. WhatsApp already has a security feature, and it is currently testing a new method for users to authenticate their accounts. Here are the specifics.

    You will soon be able to validate your WhatsApp account by email. The functionality, which was discovered in the app’s beta version, will provide an alternative way to sign in to WhatsApp. For the time being, WhatsApp users may only authenticate their accounts with their phone numbers. People who have joined WhatsApp’s beta program will be able to test the functionality via the current version.

    Those using the WhatsApp beta version may check for the new functionality by navigating to Settings > Account > Email Address. According to WABetaInfo, if you are running WhatsApp beta for Android,, or, you may not see the new functionality in the app.

    Furthermore, WhatsApp has enabled the use of two mobile numbers on a single account. This is a significant improvement because previously, individuals had to utilize a dual or clone app function on their phones to use two separate accounts on the same device.

    WhatsApp Soon To Enable Email Address Verification, Which Is Presently Available To Limited Number of Users, Axpert Media

    WhatsApp has done an excellent job in contemplating putting out this functionality to make it easy for many people to communicate with individuals using multiple numbers. Setting up a second WhatsApp account within the same app is simple. A second phone number and SIM card, or a device that supports multi-SIM or eSIM technologies, are required. According to the messaging platform’s official site, you will have complete control over the privacy and notification settings for each of your profiles.

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    The functionality will be available in a few weeks, according to the business. However, many others have yet to get it. The functionality should be available in November. This functionality is now available to WhatsApp beta testers. The functionality will first be available on WhatsApp for Android. It is presently uncertain when the business intends to release the iOS version.

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