Why Nitish said “Maaf Kijiyega” to Tejaswi Yadav?

Nitish had said “Maaf Kijiyega” to Tejaswi Yadav for what? Here is all you need to know.
Nitish Kumar will take the oath of office as the ninth Chief Minister of Bihar tomorrow afternoon.
He has once more declared an agreement to form the government with his 2015 electoral allies.

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He will take the oath of office as Bihar’s ninth chief minister tomorrow afternoon. He has once
more declared an agreement to form a government with his ally from the 2015 election. This
coalition will include four more minor regional parties in addition to the Congress and RJD.In a
statement to the media today, Nitish Kumar said, “This coalition will serve the people and fight
corruption.” Tejashwi Yadav has been charged with corruption by Nitish Kumar.

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Nitish Kumar mistake

Insiders have told us that Nitish Kumar admitted to his mistake in the year 2017 when the
alliance broke up. According to the evidence, three years ago during the Iftar gathering, Nitish
Kumar apologised to Tejashwi’s mother, Rabri Devi. Sources claim that he started to regret his
decision a few months after arriving back with the BJP. It’s also said that in order for Nitish
Kumar to keep the MLAs, this event is being used to highlight his strong links to the Lalu family.

Nitish and BJP

Nitish Kumar and the BJP have been working together both locally and nationally for almost 17
years. However, Nitish Kumar broke ties with the BJP prior to the 2014 general election when it
became evident that Narendra Modi would be the party’s main figurehead. He accused the
Gujarat Chief Minister at the time of failing to do more to put an end to the racial unrest in 2002.
When he left the Grand Alliance in 2017, Nitish Kumar worried that his reputation as a “Man of
Governance” or “good governance babu” would suffer. At the same time, he anticipated
benefiting from the Prime Minister’s popularity in the state, but in the 2020 elections, the roles
were reversed.

The Coalition’s wheels started to fall off in the last week before the 2020 election. Chirag
Paswan had made it apparent that he would operate as a vote-cutting agent by putting
candidates against Nitish Kumar on behalf of his party, which was allied with the BJP at the
federal level. When the Chief Minister became irate, the BJP refused to control Chirag Paswan.
Because of this, Nitish Kumar’s number of seats was decreased from 243 to only 43. His party
attributed the outcomes to the “chirag model” after the election.

The latest incident in Maharashtra made Nitish Kumar more sceptical of the BJP. In
Maharashtra, he witnessed the BJP overthrow the opposition administration. by means of a Shiv
Sena senior leader. Since RCP Singh, a former close assistant of Nitish Kumar’s, was selected

by Amit Shah to represent the JD(U) in the Union Cabinet, the two men were compared to each
other, according to Nitish Kumar.

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