Bhadra Phase on 11th August : Never tie rakhi during this know more.

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Many people are unsure of the day to celebrate Rakhi because the full moon is two days away. The holiday will only be observed on August 11, during which the Bhadra period will be going on, during which tying rakhi is not encouraged.

Raksha Bandhan,2022

The festival of Rakshabandhan is observed annually on the full moon day of the Sawan month. This event is a representation of how Hinduism acknowledges the bond between a brother and a sister. During this event, the sister wraps a rakhi around the brother’s wrist while wishing her a long life, while the brother makes a lifelong protection oath.

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Many individuals this year are unsure about the day to celebrate Rakhi because the full moon is on two days. However,the holiday will only be observed on August 11. There will be a period of Bhadra at this time, during which the rakhi should not be knotted.

Raksha Bandhan-11 August 2022

Thursday start time-11 am, 10 am to 12 August, 12 to 5 minutes from 7.5 am to 11 August, 11 am. minute from 9 a.m. to 28 minutes and 14 seconds to 9:14 a.m. Abhijit Muhurta -12 o’clock in the afternoon to 12 o’clock 57 minutes-from 6.55 pm to 8.5 pm to 8.20 pm -Brahm Muhurta from 8.20 pm to 04 in the morning to 29 minutes to 5.17 am

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Time for Bhadrakal Tail-On August 11 from 05:17 AM to 06:18 PM Bhadra Mukh-06 pm to 18 minutes to 8 pm-End of Bhadra Kaal-at 08:51 pm

The reason for not tying a rakhi in Bhadra Phase

According to an ancient myth, since Bhadra’s birth, the world has been in utter chaos. Everybody used to become unlucky with Bhadra’s presence wherever there was excellent labour. Another myth holds that tying a rakhi during the Bhadra month was also the cause of Ravana’s downfall; as a result, no sister ties her brother’s rakhi at this time. Click Here

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Bhadra Phase will begin on August 11 at 5:17 PM and terminate at 6.18 PM, according to the time of the almanack. Following that, Bhadra’s face will begin at 6.18 am and go till 8 o’clock at night. Raki can be tied after 8 o’clock. On this day, you can tie a rakhi when it’s particularly vital by looking at an auspicious time in Pradosh Kaal.

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