Metro Line 5A(Bhiwandi-Kalyan)is waiting for state approval

    Metro Line 5A(Bhiwandi-Kalyan)is waiting for state approval, Axpert Media
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    According to a representative of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA), the much-anticipated Metro Line 5A between Bhiwandi and Kalyan is waiting for state approval to proceed underground.

    All Metro lines, with the exception of Metro 3, are implemented by this organisation.

    The official said, “Taking the proposed route underground is intended to prevent the removal of existing structures, which would result in significant financial compensation.” In order to build the elevated railway, hundreds of buildings must be destroyed.

    As opposed to this, the subterranean line will push the project’s cost up by Rs. 600 crore to 700 crore.

    Metro Line 5A(Bhiwandi-Kalyan)is waiting for state approval, Axpert Media
    credit : The Metro Rail Guy

    Bhiwandi has in reality has become a centre for storage and logistics over the years. Many well-known businesses operate warehouses here. The impacted structures will thus need to be reimbursed at the commercial market price if the MMRDA moves the proposed Metro Line 5A underground. However the official said would not be a workable option for the project.

    All about the proposed line 5A

    The elevated metro line 5, between Thane and Bhiwandi, is now being built in full force by the MMRDA. The Kasheli Creek in Bhiwandi is where 422 metres of line cross, according to the FPJ.

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    In the water body, a total of nine pillars are now being constructed. The elevated railway will cross through the lake body at a height of 15 metres above ground.

    This corridor is extended by the line 5A. Metro lines 5 and 5A will feature a total of 15 stops. According to the MMRDA, after the lines are available to the general public, the daily ridership will exceed three lakh by 2031.

    Connectivity with other lines

    The line would also offer connectivity with the current Central Railway. The projected Metro Line 12, which will run from Kalyan to Taloja. The already operating Metro Line 4 from Wadala to Kasarvadavali. According to the MMRDA, will also cut the existing travel time by 50% to 75%.

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