Har Ghar Tiranga”: Where to hoist the flag,full details

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We will commemorate the 75th anniversary of our independence this year. India will have been
independent for 75 years on August 15, 2022. Government has launched a special programme

this year “Har Ghar Tiranga”,where the flag should be hoisted and other details are provided in
the article.

Har Ghar Tiranga

The Government of India has thus launched the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign from August 13
to August 15 under the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” to make this Independence Day

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unforgettable. The goal of this programme is to raise the tricolour in 25 crore homes across the
nation. Additionally, the tricolour campaign is incredibly popular in every home in the nation. This
is the cause of the multitude of customers purchasing the tricolour at the flag stores

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If you intend to raise the tricolour at your home between August 13 and August 15 as part of the
tricolour campaign, we’ll go over some crucial details that you should be aware of.
When raising the tricolour, bear this in mind.

When raising the tricolour, bear this in mind.

Your uncertainty will be resolved if you are having trouble locating the proper location to hoist
the tricolour. In reality, the Indian government has provided crucial details to those taking part in
the Tricolor campaign on the locations where the tricolour can be raised. Since the tricolour is
the flag of our country, Therefore, it is improper to disrespect the tricolour. We should thus take
extra care to ensure that our tricolour is raised in the proper manner and location.
Areas to hoist the flag at your home.

Areas to hoist the flag at your home.

You can raise the tricolour on your home’s balcony, according to the information provided by the
Government of India. By displaying the tricolour at your front entrance, you may also participate
in the tricolour campaign. In addition, you may paint your home’s windows in

Never forget that our flag should always fly high. Keep in mind when hoisting the4 flag that the
saffron portion should be on top, the white portion in the middle, and the green portion beneath.
We frequently witness individuals hoisting the tricolour sideways, which is disrespectful to our flag

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