World Mental Health Day 2023: An effort to raise awareness of mental illness

    World Mental Health Day is observed every year on October 10. In the early 1990s, the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) formally established the day.

    It is observed to raise awareness of mental illness and to initiate a debate about mental health concerns such as borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and so forth, as well as to give individuals who suffer from it a safe environment and comfort to openly accept and treat such difficulties.

    “The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders engaged with mental health issues to come together and discuss what they do, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care accessible for people worldwide,”  according to the World Health Organization’s

    The topic of World Mental Health Day 2023, “Mental health is a universal human right,” allows people and communities to work together to address mental health concerns. 

    World Mental Health Day 2023: An effort to raise awareness of mental illness, Axpert Media

    Its mission is to raise public awareness of mental health issues and to help people who are dealing with them.

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    The program strives to improve knowledge, raise awareness, and inspire actions that support and protect everyone’s mental health.

    In 1992, the WFMH, chaired by Richard Hunter, the deputy secretary-general at the time, established World Mental Health Day. The inaugural World Mental Health Day, held in 1994, with the subject “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services Throughout the World.”

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