10 Facts – India’s New President To Be Declared Today 

    Presidential election: 34 parties declared assistance for the Opposition candidate, former Union minister Yashwant Sinha and forty-four for Droupadi Murmu, the previous Governor of Jharkhand. 

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    New Delhi: The counting of votes for the Presidential election – which appears as an insignificant formality – will start at eleven today. The BJP is making detailed arrangements to rejoice in the victory of Droupadi Murmu, who’s predicted to far outstrip the opposition’s candidate, Yashwant Sinha. 

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    Over ninety-nine, per cent of the overall electors had forged their ballot in the poll that occurred Monday, according to the Election Commission. Eight MPs, together with BJP MPs Sunny Deol and Sanjay Dhotre, had been among individuals who missed casting their votes. 

    A general of 4,809 electors, comprising 776 MPs and 4,033 elected MLAs, are entitled to vote withinside the election, however, nominated MPs and MLAs and Members of the Legislative Council are not. All ballot containers from state assemblies had reached the Parliament’s strongroom on Tuesday night and had been locked there since.  

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    The ballot containers have been flown into the country’s capital as ‘Mr Ballot Box’ from throughout the states. Polling for the presidential election was held between 10 am to five pm Monday at 31 locations, together with the Parliament House and 30 centres inside state legislative assemblies. 

    The top 10 latest updates in this story –

    1. The counting of votes will start at eleven am in Parliament House. The outcomes are predicted around four pm. 
    2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is predicted to go to Ms Murmu at her brief accommodations in Teen Murti Marg and congratulate her after the election outcomes are declared, sources said. 
    3. After Ms Murmu’s victory, the Delhi BJP planned a roadshow from the party headquarters to Rajpath. Many senior leaders could be present on occasion, sources said. 
    4. All state units of the BJP have additionally planned victory processions in order to be taken out after the declaration of the results. 
    5. The citizens in Odisha’s Rairangpur, the place of birth of Ms Murmu, also are prepared to rejoice with 20,000 sweets prepared. A tribal dance and victory procession has additionally been planned. 
    6. The NDA preference of Ms Murmu — a tribal woman from Odisha and a former Jharkhand Governor — is seen as an action calculated to break up the opposition and convey support from non-aligned parties like Naveen Patnaik’s Biju Janata Dal and the Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSR Congress. 
    7. Altogether, 34 parties declared assistance for the Opposition candidate, former Union minister Yashwant Sinha and forty-four for Droupadi Murmu, the previous Governor of Jharkhand. But numerous MLAs have confessed to cross-voting in favour of Ms Murmu. 
    8. The counting of votes could be preceded through sorting, wherein votes of MPs and MLAs could be separated. The value of the vote of every MP is fixed at 700, at the same time as the value of the vote of MLAs from every state is different. 
    9. The winner of the Presidential election isn’t always the candidate who receives the most votes; however, the person who receives more votes than a certain quota. The quota is decided by adding the votes polled for every candidate, dividing the sum by and including ‘1’ to it. The candidate who receives extra votes than this value is the winner. 
    10. The President-elect will take oath on July 25.
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