Dobaaraa movie review : Hit or flop – All you need to know

Hindi cinema is unfamiliar with the idea of time travel, and few directors have found success there. Dobaaraa, directed by Anurag Kashyap, attempts to explore the same idea, but the movie loses momentum in the second half and becomes a convoluted and complicated time-travel story as a result. 

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The crew attempts to say too much, but none of the side stories are deep enough to matter in the final act. Even if there is confidence in investigating the concept of a gateway, the script is unclear in how to communicate the effects of manipulating the tense.

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In the first half, director Anurag Kashyap successfully generates the perfect amount of suspense while generating interest in the intricate story and his characters. But in the second half, he blows the lid off the mystery behind the entire build-up too early, leaving the last 30 minutes with little suspense and surprise. In fact, the second half is where things start to get confusing since there is a lack of context as the plot jumps about from one era to another and from one character to another.

Other aspects 

The technical components, including the cinematography, lighting, camera work, visual effects, and all other technical aspects, are all excellent for the genre and contribute to pique interest. Although the movie has a short running duration, the editing may have been improved to make the movie a bit more palatable for the audience rather than hopping right from one episode to the next. Although there isn’t much room for music, the background score has a distinctive mood and serves as an essential trigger for the screenplay’s intrigue-building exercise. Though the conversations are good, nothing sticks with you long after you leave the theatre. 

Taapsee’s role 

Taapsee Pannu succeeds in her role, striking the correct emotional notes, when it comes to acting. In some of the pivotal scenes in the movie, the actress also gets to show off her fierce side and succeeds. She gives a variety of performances, and she never misplaces herself. 

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Although his character is a little underdeveloped and could have used a greater build-up, Pavail Gulati is fine. The movie also features a strong supporting cast, which includes seasoned actors Saswata Chatterjee and Nassar, who are largely squandered in well written roles. Best Webstori Click Here

Overall performance 

Dobaaraa, as a whole, has a bit of a spark in the first half but lacks it in the post-intermission portions. The movie falls short of delivering the shivers and thrills typical of a time travel-based thriller and fails to establish an atmosphere that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Although the idea has potential, it is probably still undeveloped. It’s unlike any Anurag Kashyap movie to date, but it’s also a long way from being among his best work from the past 20 years. All things considered, it lacks the theatrical audience to draw viewers to the big screen.

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