Google celebrated Anna Mani’s 104th birthday! All you need to know.

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The Google Doodle for August 23, 2022, honours Anna Mani, an internationally recognised meteorologist and physicist from India. Google celebrated Anna Mani’s 104th birthday! All you need to know. Anna Mani, the first female scientist in India. She is credited for significantly advancing the nation’s ability to forecast the weather accurately. She has established the framework for utilising renewable energy sources across the country. This earned her the nickname “The Weather Woman of India.”

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On August 23, 1918, Anna Mani was born in Peerumedu, Kerala. Her upbringing was in Travancore, a former state. Anna Mani has loved reading novels since she was a little girl, and she finally developed a passion for it. She almost lived in books her whole childhood, devouring every book in the public library’s collection.


In 1939, Anna Mani graduated with a BSc with Honors in Physics and Chemistry from Presidency College in Madras. She worked closely with Nobel Laureate CV Raman on a significant portion of her studies at the Indian Institute of Sciences.

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Anna Mani was a talented researcher who gained notoriety for her work when it was published in several prestigious Indian publications. Mani eventually received the option to enrol in a doctoral programme at Imperial College in London, where she chose to specialise in meteorological instruments.

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In 1948, Anna Mani moved back to India and began working for the India Meteorological Department (IMD). She created and built several weather forecasting devices during her time at the IMD, which solidified her ties there and led to her eventual promotion to department head. This is how she became the “Weather Woman Of India”. Anni Mani’s contributions are really noticeable.

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Anna Mani worked for both IMD and the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, where she held several important positions as a result of her exceptional aptitude and abilities.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to science and technology, Anna Mani received the INSA KR Ramanathan Medal in 1987. Anna Mani joined the Bengaluru-based Raman Research Institute as a trustee after retiring.

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