India declares 11,109 new Covid, with 49,000 active infections

    India declares 11,109 new Covid, with 49,000 active infections

    On Friday (April 14), India recorded new Covid-19 cases, marking the fifth straight day of an increase.

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    On Thursday, 10,158 instances were recorded, a significant increase from the 7,830 cases reported on Wednesday.

    So far, a total of 4,42,16,583 patients have recovered, with a recovery rate of 98.71 percent. There were additionally 29 more fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths from the illness to 5,31,064. The death rate is 1.19 percent, as stated by the health ministry.

    They also stated that the increase in the number of cases might be due to more people getting tested for Covid as a precaution when they become sick with the influenza virus and get fever and other symptoms. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the increase in influenza infections is attributed to the Influenza A subtype H3N2. The H3N2 virus causes the most hospitalizations compared to the other subtypes. A runny nose, continuous cough, and fever are among the symptoms.

    According to ministry data, 2,20,66,25,120 units of Covid vaccine have been distributed provided as part of the statewide immunization effort, with 467 injections given in a single day.

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