Lunar Eclipse 2023: When and When To See Tonight’s Hunter Moon Eclipse

    Chandra Grahan 2023: The Hunter’s Moon is the first full Moon after the Harvest Moon in 2023. This year, it will take place on the evening of October 28. A partial lunar eclipse will occur coincidentally late at night.

    Will India be able to see the moon eclipse?

    Unlike the “ring of fire” solar eclipse on October 14, the partial lunar eclipse on October 28 will be visible to a considerably larger portion of the earth. In reality, it will be visible anywhere the Moon is above the horizon at the moment. India is among them.

    When and how long will the partial solar eclipse last?

    According to the astronomy website In the Sky, the lunar eclipse will occur on October 29 between 1.06 AM IST and 2.23 AM IST. The greatest eclipse will occur around 1.45 AM IST, when Earth’s umbra, or the black part of the planet’s shadow, will cover 12% of the Moon.

    Viewing the Partial Lunar Eclipse

    The full Moon will be in the southwestern region of the sky when the eclipse occurs, as seen from New Delhi. It will also be around 62 degrees above the horizon at the time of maximum eclipse. You can also watch it live by clicking on the live stream and live updates link below.

    Lunar Eclipse 2023: When and When To See Tonight’s Hunter Moon Eclipse, Axpert Media

    What causes a lunar eclipse? What is the distinction between a partial lunar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse?

    A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon all align, causing the Earth’s shadow to fall on the Moon. When the three celestial bodies align poorly, a partial eclipse occurs, whereas a total eclipse occurs when they all line perfectly.

    A partial lunar eclipse, such as the one happening tonight, will cast a shadow over a portion of the Moon’s disk. The size of the shadow will become larger as the eclipse proceeds until it reaches its maximum. (Total eclipse) The eclipse will then begin to fade until a typical full Moon reappears.

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    If it were a total lunar eclipse, the Earth’s umbra would cover the whole Moon at its height. At this period, the Moon may seem crimson in color, often known as a Blood Moon.

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