Ms. Marvel, “one of its brightest stars,” has died, according to Marvel Comics

    Ms. Marvel, “one of its brightest stars,” has died, according to Marvel Comics, Axpert Media

    Ms. Marvel’s demise was reported in a future comic book by Marvel Comics. The character was just introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) a year ago, and her death has outraged many fans. Ms. Marvel’s tragic end happens in “Spider-Man #26,” which will be released on May 31. According to the company’s website, she dies while making a noble sacrifice to help Spider-Man save the universe. Ms. Marvel, whose true name is Kamala Khan, is Captain Marvel’s protege and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Muslim superhero. Following the announcement, Marvel stated that the universe’s center “has stopped beating.” It also asked comic book fans to remember and honor “one of Marvel’s brightest stars.”

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    ‘Fallen Friend: The Death Of Ms. Marvel’ will be a pivotal chapter in Marvel Comics, serving as both a goodbye and a peek into the aftermath of her death.

    The company also announced that in July, a special one-shot titled “Fallen Friend: The film “The Death of Ms. Marvel” will be released, continuing the character’s long history and this tragedy. “In the classic comics tradition of previous major character deaths such as  Doctor Strange, Captain America, and the original Captain Marvel,” adds the website, “‘ Fallen Friend: The Death Of Ms. Marvel’ will be a crucial chapter in the Marvel mythos and act as both a farewell for Ms. Marvel and a glimpse of her death’s impact on all of Marvel’s heroes.” The news comes one year after the show’s launch on Disney+. 

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