PCS Jyoti Maurya: Affair, infidelity, and private images… 10 major developments in Jyoti-Alok Maurya’s narrative thus far

Jyoti Maurya, SDM of Bareilly: The feud between Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya is intensifying. Jyoti Maurya has now accused her spouse of having her private photographs.

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PCS Jyoti Maurya: Jyoti Maurya, a PCS officer in Bareilly, is involved in several talks over her divorce from her spouse. Jyoti is suspected of being disloyal to her spouse and having an extramarital affair. While her husband Alok Maurya had fully cooperated in making her an officer after marriage. Not only that, but Jyoti wanted to divorce Alok. Alok Maurya has filed a police report alleging that his wife and Manish Dubey are planning to murder him, and he has also petitioned CM Yogi for justice.

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Following the disagreement between husband and wife, the plot has taken a new turn. Jyoti Maurya claims that her husband, Alok Maurya, has intimate photos of her that she intends to make public. She claims that her husband Alok Maurya hacked her WhatsApp account, which had some sensitive images. Alok also possesses some of his paperwork and confidential items, which he might misuse. 

PCS Jyoti Maurya

10 Major Plot Points Thus Far

  • Alok Maurya, a Prayagraj resident, revealed that he totally backed his wife’s decision to become a PCS officer, but Jyoti was cheating on him and having an affair with Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey.
  • Manish Dubey has been in communication with Jyoti since the year 2020, according to Alok Maurya, and both have attempted to murder her. Jyoti Maurya, on the other side, accused her husband of adultery and dowry harassment.
  • Alok Maurya said that both were found in an inappropriate state at the official mansion in February. This feud between husband and wife has gone viral on social media.
  • Many WhatsApp talks and recordings have gone viral in this instance, prompting orders to suspend Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey.
  •  Jyoti Maurya claims in a tape that Alok is not ready to divorce her. Following this, the two discuss removing him from the path, albeit ABP News cannot authenticate this tape.
  • Along with his complaint, Alok Maurya provided proof such as WhatsApp messages, call logs, and so on. The charges were confirmed to be true during the forensic inquiry, and Manish Dubey has been suspended.
  • Jyoti Maurya now claims that Alok Maurya possesses her intimate photographs. Jyoti believes that if any action is taken against Alok, it would go viral.
  •  On the other side, the claims were confirmed to be true in the inquiry report, therefore the sword of action now hangs over Jyoti Maurya as well.
  • Alok Maurya claims to have married Jyoti Maurya of Lucknow in 2010. Alok earned his wife a higher education after they married, and she became a PCS officer in 2015.
  • Alok went on to say that in the year 2020, she met Manish Dubey and decided to leave him. 
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