Pelosi departs Taiwan amid significant China protest. Why?

    Pelosi departs Taiwan amid significant China protest. Why?, Axpert Media
    credit : Financial Times

    Nancy Pelosi, the next-in-line for the president and the most prominent elected US politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years, is currently in Taiwan, and her presence has sparked a diplomatic crisis with China.

    Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House, said today that her delegation’s trip to Taiwan was an expression of solidarity for the territory as she wrapped off a day-long visit that infuriated China. Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan, declared that her country “will not back down.”

    Pelosi Declaration

    During an event with President Tsai Ing-wen, Ms. Pelosi declared, “Today, our group came to Taiwan to make absolutely clear we would not abandon our commitment to Taiwan. We are proud of our long friendship”. As the highest-profile elected US politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years and the second in line for the president, Ms. Pelosi’s visit has sparked a political uproar.

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    In a move that Taipei’s Defense Ministry claimed endangered the island’s important ports and metropolitan centres. China also began live-fire military manoeuvres around Taiwan.

    According to coordinates provided by the People’s Liberation Army, the zone of Chinese operations will occasionally be within 20 km of Taiwan’s coastline.

    Outmatched Taiwan officials have attempted to project a strong demeanour to maintain public calm as the likelihood violence or miscalculation increased. Taiwan’s Defense Department stated that “the defence ministry has closely observed and intensified preparations, and would respond properly in due time.”

    China military deals and restrictions

    China’s military drills, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, violate the island’s territorial seas. Defence Ministry spokesperson Sun Li-fang stated that “some of the locations of China’s drills break into Taiwan’s territorial seas. “Challenging the international order in this way is absurd.”

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    China implemented restrictions on the purchase of fruit and seafood from Taiwan and stopped sand supplies to the island as economic punishment for Ms. Pelosi’s visit.

    At regional discussions today, foreign ministers from Southeast Asia will look for methods to reduce the escalating tensions around Taiwan. The deadly issue in Myanmar was to be discussed during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Phnom Penh.

    China has sworn to one day annex democratic, self-governing Taiwan, using force if necessary. Beijing opposes nations establishing diplomatic contacts with Taipei and works to keep the island isolated on the international scene.

    Pelosi departs Taiwan amid significant China protest. Why?, Axpert Media
    credit :

    The 23 million residents of Taiwan have long faced the danger of invasion. Then also it has grown more serious under the present administration of President Xi Jinping, China’s most outspoken leader in a generation.

    Japan’s concern for China

    Japan has raised worry to China on its military exercises in the waters near Taiwan. The Chinese side declared that certain maritime regions will be used for military training. These areas overlap with Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Japan has conveyed concerns to the Chinese side over the live-fire training aspect of this military exercise. “Hirokazu Matsuno”, the chief cabinet secretary, informed the media.

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