Rahul Gandhi commemorates “Bapu” at the Khadi Center in Badanavalu.

Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to gandhiji
Credit: Hindustan Times

Rahul Gandhi stated that the Congress’ on-going “Bharat Jodo Yatra” will promote a message of “ahimsa” and “swaraj” amidst the culture of aggression and deceit. He made this statement while visiting a Khadi Gramodyog Kendra in Karnataka. Rahul Gandhi commemorates “Bapu” at the Khadi Center in Badanavalu.

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Rahul Gandhi tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

On Sunday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday. He said that while it is easy for those in positions of authority to usurp the heritage of the “Father of the Nation,” it is challenging to follow in his ways.

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Rahul Gandhi added that the Congress’ on-going “Bharat Jodo Yatra” will convey a message of “ahimsa and’swaraj'” in the midst of the politics of aggression and deceit.

What Rahul Gandhi said?

Rahul Gandhi went to a Khadi Gramodyaga Kendra that Mahatma Gandhi had previously visited at Badanavalu, Karnataka, in 1927.

Rahul Gandhi at Khadi Gramodyog, Badanavalu,
Credit: The Hindu

“That magnificent son of India is honoured in our memories and with our reverence. Being on the 25th day of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, a padyatra in which we are following his path of ahimsa, unity, equality, and justice, makes our remembering all the more profound.

“We’ve started a fight with the same idea that Gandhi murdered him, just as he did with the British Raj. Inequality, polarisation, and the erosion of our tough freedoms have been the results of this philosophy during the past eight years. From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, the Bharat Jodo Yatra will preach the idea of ahimsa and swaraj in opposition to these politics of violence and deceit “Added he.

Image of Bapu at Khadi Gramodyog, Badanavalu whre Rahul Gandhi visits.
Credit: Bangalore Mirror

According to the former president of the Congress, inequity, strife, and the erosion of tough freedoms have been the results of the ideology that murdered Gandhi during the past eight years.

He further added the Congress yatra represents the subdued but resolute voice of the Indian people against the politics of dissent, intolerance, and fear.

Rahul Gandhi attended a prayer meeting after presenting flowers to the Gandhi statue at Khadi Gramodyog earlier in the day.

A tweet from Congress portrays all:

A tweet from Congress depicted, today on the anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti. Rahul Gandhi with a Gandhi “topi” on his head, Bapu’s principles in his heart, and the determination to unite India, visited Khadi Village Industries in Badnavalu in honour of Bapu . 

Gandhi also spoke with female weavers about their perspectives and difficulties at work. By the Bharat Yatris Khadi Gramodyog, Badanavalu, he planted trees.

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