Satyaprem Ki Katha Review: The Colors In This Bollywood Get-The-Girl Romcom Is Vibrant

    The tolerably silly taboo-breaking story of a charming loser who courts a gorgeous woman contains big dance moments and engaging music.

    This deliciously corny Bollywood film about a thirtysomething manchild who falls for a woman well out of his league contains echoes of Richard Curtis and even Shakespeare. Kartik Aaryan plays Sattu, a jobless loafer who spends his time whining about his ongoing virginity and doing the housekeeping (badly) for his despairing parents in Gujarat, directed by Sameer Vidwans. When he attends a dance and witnesses the stunning Katha (Kiara Advani) perform, he vows to win her love – only to realize that she has a dazzling boyfriend. Sattu’s prospects with her improve when he bravely saves her life and is given her hand in marriage by her malevolent father, for reasons that are gradually revealed.

    Satyaprem Ki Katha

    This is a film brimming with color and energy, with talky, dramatic portions giving way to gigantic dance numbers featuring hundreds of immaculately dressed actors. Some have complained about one of the tracks, which is a remix of the Pakistani megahit Pasoori; here, the original’s sorrowful beauty is replaced with a blander, more cheerful sound. The remainder of the music, on the other hand, is catchy and engaging.

    Some performances are better than others: Gajraj Rao is lovely as Sattu’s crumpled, avuncular father, and Advani is subtle and classy as Katha, even if you never believe she could fall for such a jerk as Sattu (who, with his vacant smile and boyband hair, appears to be quite thick). Few of the characters are more than archetypes – the sarcastic younger sister, the strict but wise mother-in-law – but there is a mechanical satisfaction in watching each of them win or get their fair desserts, as appropriate. 

    The narrative also fearlessly delves into taboo subjects such as abortion, suicide, and rape. Before you can become too melancholy, the cast starts singing, dancing, and batting their lashes at each other, and everything seems fine again.

    Satyaprem Ki Katha will be launched in theatres on June 29th.

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