Who Exactly Is Princess Leonor? Meet Spain’s Future Queen and Learn About Europe’s ‘Leonormania’

    Spain is preparing to welcome Princess Leonor, the future queen, who swore a vow to the constitution on her 18th birthday on October 31, 2023. Members of the Spanish Congress and Senate present in the joint session gave the princess a standing ovation.

    Princess Leonor is the eldest daughter of Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. The people of Spain are captivated by her elegance and brilliance in rebuilding the image of the royal family following the contentious period of her grandpa, former King Juan Carlos, who was born on October 31, 2005, in Madrid, Spain.

    According to media accounts, the royal predecessor King Carlos was suspected of money laundering before his kidnapping in 2014. The former King has also been accused of harassment by his former lover, German aristocrat Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

    Who Exactly Is Princess Leonor? Meet Spain’s Future Queen and Learn About Europe’s ‘Leonormania’, Axpert Media

    These charges have severely harmed the Spanish royal family’s reputation; nonetheless, many people still have high hopes for the future queen following her ceremonial oath-taking ceremony. Many Spaniards are obsessed with “Leonormania,” and some analysts believe her success is due to her extended seclusion from the spotlight. Everyone wants to know who Leonor is since no one knows who she is.

    The princess has never been seen in any sensitive matter in the age of social media, and the perceived image is produced. “The royal family has managed to get their timing just right,” said Fernando Rayón, a journalist and political information professor at CEU San Pablo University. The princess was quite demure in her appearances while she was studying.”

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    Leonor’s popularity is so broad that just 21% of Spaniards feel she is unprepared for her role as head of state, according to Hola magazine. Little is known about Leonor’s personal life or what she loves doing in her leisure time, but her national profile has skyrocketed.

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