World Wind Day 2023: This young man made Made in India wind turbine, is fulfilling the electricity needs of the house

    Paul has worked as an electrical technician for almost 15 years. After that, he returned to his home in 2008 and continued to explore his inclination and passion for electricity. From a young age, he had a keen interest in electricity and electrical equipment.

    There are many such things in nature from which electricity can be generated. Using these, a youth from Kerala made a Made in India wind turbine. With the help of which the electricity needs of the house are being met today.

    In fact, IP Paul, a resident of Thrissur, Kerala, firmly believes that if such things exist in nature, they must be used. Paul has created a mini wind turbine that can be installed on rooftops as well. It can generate enough electricity from ‘normal’ wind to power an entire house.

    Interested from a young age

    According to Paul, he had a keen interest in electricity and electrical equipment from a young age. Paul told Indiatimes, “I became interested in electricity when I was a schoolboy. I used to do small experiments with batteries, wires, and electricity at home.”

    Let us tell you that you have worked as an electrical technician for about 15 years. But in 2008 he returned home and continued to explore his inclination and passion for electricity.

    World Wind Day 2023

    12 years of searching

    As reported by Indiatimes, Paul says, “One of the drawbacks I felt about solar power was that the power generation was limited to daytime only, it was not round the clock.

    Another option was wind power. But turbines are massive, expensive, and noisy. They could not be installed in homes. So I started looking for how to make a wind turbine for my home.

    To find this, Paul went on for almost 12 years. And finally, Paul was successful in making his wind turbine model. Paul says, “I did practicals with many designs, models, and other things for wind turbines. The research on this went on for several months in which lakhs of rupees were spent. Meanwhile, there were many failures too but I did not give up.

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    Wind turbines started running in 2021

    It was thanks to Paul’s perseverance that his hard work was ultimately rewarded, and the wind turbine began operating in his yard in 2021.  The diameter of this wind turbine is 12 feet and its weight is a little more than 35 kg. It can generate one unit of electricity in one hour.

    According to Paul, the most difficult part was designing the blade to be durable, lightweight, and rotate at low wind speeds. “The biggest challenge was designing the blades for the turbines,” says Paul.

    After trying a variety of things I ended up using fiberglass and even made my own wooden molds. The blade has to be designed with precision because if it is thin, the blade will break in high wind and if it is thick, it will not turn in low wind.”

    Paul further adds, “When I started doing this I knew very well that it was not going to be an easy task. I have spent lakhs of rupees on this.

    Even my family sometimes used to get upset about what I was doing. Sometimes they supported me but later realized that I had troubled them many times. But now things have changed and my critics have become my fans.”

    Social media people are continuously liking wind turbine

    Paul’s wind turbines soon became a hit and after word spread on social media, there was a flood of calls for installation and business proposals from across Kerala and other states.

    Not only this, according to the report of Indiatimes, representatives of some African countries also contacted him showing their interest in this wind turbine.

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