Akshay Kumar’s Rakshabandhan portrays siblings’ relationship !! All…

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Focusing on the relationship between a brother and a sister, this movie offers a lot of humour, melodrama, and passion to appeal to a broad audience. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan,Akshay Kumar’s movie might be a treat.

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Starrer ; Akshay Kumar,Bhumi Pandekar,Sadiya Khatib,Deepika Khanna

In contrast to his on-screen persona, Akshay Kumar has delivered a gift of a movie about a brother-and-sister for the unique occasion of Rakshabandhan. This picture, which centres on the relationship between a brother and a sister, has a lot of humour, melodrama, and emotion for a broad audience.


In Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Lala Kedarnath (Akshay Kumar) owns a golgappa and chaat business. In the entire city, there is gossip about this restaurant and how pregnant women who eat the golgappas there give birth to boys. Lala is responsible for the marriages of her four sisters. Moreover Lala’s dying mother had made a pledge to marry her only after arranging weddings for the four sisters.

Lala and his fiancée Sapna’s relationship is strained as a result of the marriages of four sisters in their middle-class family and the stress around their dowries (Bhumi Pednekar). In the meantime, Gayatri, Lala’s oldest sister, marries (Sadiya Khatib). He sends his sister farewell in style by lavishly showering her with dowry. Lala begins to worry about the upcoming nuptials of the other three sisters in the meanwhile.

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Will he be allowed to marry his love while also marrying the other sisters? Do let us know on Whatsapp.

Roles and Acting

The entire movie features Akshay Kumar. Although his kind of humour often makes you laugh, you generally just feel let down. The work that Akshay’s sisters did was outstanding. The pivotal character in this movie was Sadia Khatib, who later assumed the role of the older sister. He gave a good performance in the movie.

The other three sisters, however, Deepika Khanna, Sachmeen Kaur, and Smriti Shrikant, have nailed the tone of their roles and have effectively portrayed them. Bhumi Pednekar always leaves her imprint when she appears in cinema.

Other’s Contribution

Cinematographer KU Mohanan has captured Chandni Chowk and the spirit of Delhi on film. A middle-class family’s home is plainly seen on the big screen. Hemal Kothari and Prakash Chandra Sahu, who did a respectable job of their work, edited the movie.

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Rachna Mandal, an art designer, has a great deal of success in presenting Delhi via her setups. Himesh Reshammiya composed the soundtrack for the movie, and the musical jugalbandi of Himesh and Akshay Kumar was incredible. The music between the films was brilliantly chosen, and it is clear that the songs effectively convey the story’s emotions.

Must watch !! But why?

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, brothers and sisters may enjoy watching this movie. For the efforts of the writer and director, this movie deserves a chance. Yes, the public are enjoying watching Akshay Kumar’s relationship with his sisters since she is new to the film. This holiday weekend, you may head to the movies to see a one-time release.

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