China claims to have fired targeted missiles in Taiwan Strait.

    China claims to have fired targeted missiles in Taiwan Strait., Axpert Media
    credit : 1News

    In connection with military drills that have brought regional tensions to their greatest point in decades, China claims to have carried out “precise missile strikes” in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday.

    China previously said its navy, air force, and other ministries were conducting military drills in six zones around Taiwan. Beijing, in response, claims these territories as its own and claims the right to occupy them militarily at any time.

    The reason for the drills

    The drills aims to publicise China’s threat to destroy the independent island republic. This sparked when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island this week. China has frequently threatened military action against Taiwan in reaction to the island’s attempts to strengthen its de facto independence with the support of significant allies like the United States. This threat goes along with its efforts to diplomatically isolate Taiwan.

    China claims to have fired targeted missiles in Taiwan Strait., Axpert Media
    credit : Taiwan news

    The People’s Liberation Army, the military wing of the ruling Communist Party, stated on its social media channel.

    What does Taiwan’s Defense Ministry have to say about this?

    According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, its personnel were on alert, keeping an eye on the situation and trying to keep tensions from defence exercises have been undertaken, and designated air raid shelters have had notifications posted on them.

    China’s “irrational behavior” “intends to change the status quo and undermine the peace and stability in the region.”

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    To jointly preserve national security and territorial integrity, “all people will collaborate with the three service branches.” The declaration read: while responding to circumstances as they change.

    China claims to have fired targeted missiles in Taiwan Strait., Axpert Media
    credit : Newsweek

    The coordinated operations reportedly centred on “blockade, sea target assault, strike on land targets, and airspace control,” according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency

    The United States maintains bases and forward-deployed equipment in the region, including aircraft carrier battle groups, even though it has not declared that it will intervene. According to American law, the government will handle Taiwan-related threats, such as blockades, as “grave concerns.”

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    The drills, which will take place from Thursday through Sunday, will include missile strikes . This will target on the seas to the north and south of the island evoking, most significant Chinese military exercises. The military exercises mentioned took place in 1995 and 1996 with the intention of intimidating Taiwan’s leaders and voters.

    The drills looks to be the biggest one staged geographically close to Taiwan. However China has not provided information on the amount of troops and military equipment engaged.

    According to Xinhua, soldiers from the navy, air force, rocket force, and logistic support force participated in the drills.

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