David Beckham’s support of Qatar causes controversy. Learn why.

    Football legend In the 30-minute Visit Qatar movie, David Beckham explores the sights, sounds, and culture of Qatar while sailing and visiting a spice bazaar.

    David Beckham's support of Qatar causes controversy. Learn why.

    What’s The Matter All About Around David Beckham

    In the ad, a well-known former England footballer claims that Qatar is a fantastic spot to visit for a few days. He declared that he could not wait to bring his kids to Qatar and thought the location was ideal.

    As campaigners have criticized Qatar’s record on human rights, including its treatment of women and migrant workers and its restriction on LBTQ+ relationships, David Beckham’s participation in the advertisement has come under fire.

    Critics accuse David Beckham of providing a “naive” endorsement in view of the state’s contested hosting duties for the FIFA World Cup.

    David Beckham's support of Qatar causes controversy. Learn why.

    Boycott Of The World Cup

    Due to local authorities’ failure to ensure the safety of LGBTQ+ fans and participants there, some people have chosen to boycott the World Cup. Before getting married or taking advantage of opportunities to study abroad that are subsidized by the government, women in Qatar must additionally gain the approval of a male “guardian.”

    Because of Qatar’s record on human rights, FIFA’s choice of that country to host the 2022 World Cup has come under fire.

    Before the tournament, some accused Qatar’s government of launching a “sports-washing” PR campaign to deflect attention from issues unrelated to football.

    The expression describes a country that exploits a major athletic event to enhance its reputation and divert attention from its record on human rights.

    A Guardian investigation found that over 6,500 migrant laborers have died in the country while building tournament infrastructure.

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    Criticism Of The Video Everywhere

    After the video was posted online, David Beckham, the UNICEF ambassador, faced scathing criticism on social media.

    Some drew attention to the fact that David Beckham had previously criticized Russia and Qatar for winning the right to host the event. In a 2011 interview, Beckham stated that he has left “feeling terrible” and that there had to have been some sort of “corruption” within FIFA. Human rights activists have questioned Beckham’s decision to appear in the video.

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