Iran Flight Feared To Have Bomb The Indian Air Force scrambles jets in the airspace

    Iran Flight Case: According to the Air Force, the Mahan Air flight was given two chances to land in India but declined both of them and continued to fly.

    Iran Flight

    In New Delhi: This morning, a bomb fear on an Iranian passenger aeroplane that was travelling through Indian airspace placed officials on high alert and caused the Indian Air Force to launch fighter fighters.

    Iran Flight: Indian Air Force Statement

    According to the Air Force, the Mahan Air plane was give two chances to land in India because that was its route from Tehran, Iran, to Guangzhou, China. It turned down both chances and continued on its course.

    The fighter jets followed the aircraft at a safe distance, they claimed in a statement. According to flight tracking firm Flightradar, the aircraft has just entered Chinese airspace.

    All About The Incident

    Around 9:20 am, a report of the bomb threat aboard the flight was reportedly receive, according to the authorities. A warning was then issue for the Delhi airport.

    The Indian Air Force stated that Chandigarh and Jaipur were both options for the aircraft to land at. However, the pilot refused to divert to any of the two airports.

    According to their statement, after being instructed by Tehran to dismiss the bomb alarm. The aeroplane carried on to its destination in China.

    All Protocols Followed

    “The IAF conducted all required actions in accordance with the established protocol, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS). Using radar, the Air Force closely monitored the planes as they travelled through Indian airspace “It read.

    The Lahore Air Traffic Control reportedly informed the Delhi ATC about the alleged bomb threat, according Pakistani news agency PTI.

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