Jacqueline Fernandez is granted bail by a Delhi court, in a 2000 million extortion case.

    Police taking Sukesh, the accused
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    In a 2000 million extortion case, Jacqueline Fernandez is granted bail by a Delhi court. Fernandez’s request for interim release was granted at a personal and surety bond amount of 50,000. This provided her with a temporary reprieve.

    Court’s decision

    Delhi, India: A Delhi court granted Jacqueline Fernandez temporary release on Monday. This was in relation to her suspected role in the alleged 200 crore fraud against Aditi Singh. The wife of former Fortis promoter Shivinder Singh. The primary defendant in the case is Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

    Jacqueline photo while entering the court on day of Bail
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    Fernandez received a temporary reprieve as special judge Shailendra Malik granted her request for interim bail. This he did at a personal and surety bond amount of 50,000. The 37-year-old actor entered a normal bail petition. The court also requested the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) answer, setting the matter for October 22.

    What Jacqueline attorney Prashant Patil stated?

    Fernandez’s attorney, Prashant Patil, told the court that she has always cooperated with investigating authorities. He says she has shown up for all of her scheduled appearances. He stated, “She has provided the ED with all the facts to the best of her ability.”

    image of Fernandez's attorney, Prashant Patil with whose help she got Bail

    Earlier, on August 31, the court took cognizance of the ED’s supplemental charge sheet. It was submitted against Fernandez and issued a summons to her. It ordered her to physically appear before it on September 26. The actor became defendant in the charge sheet, already submitted on August 17 in the 200 crore extortion case.

    Fernandez disputed “unity of design with Sukesh” in her normal bail request. The bail which was submitted by attorneys Patil and Aman Nandrajog. Furthermore, she claimed that she was a victim of the conditions and the conman’s and his companions’ illegal behavior.

    Despite never disputing receiving presents. The petition claims that she was unaware that they were the profits of crime at any given moment. It was “due to the deceptive and duplicitous conduct of Sukesh, owing to which she has endured, and continues to suffer, significant suffering.”

    What bail application states?

    The bail application stated Jacqueline was “misled” into taking the presents. She added that she was “another victim of the illegal conduct performed by the main accused and his friends. They constantly lied about their genuine identity and had undue influence over the applicant’s personal and professional life. “

    Sri Lankan-born Fernandez claims that she has been a tax-paying resident of India since 2009. Furthermore, her “professional reputation” and “future work commitments” are “intrinsically linked” to the nation. She also claims that she is cooperating and taking part in attachment proceedings related to the current case.

    The petition said, “There is no chance of her leaving Indian jurisdiction without necessary authority since there is an active Look Out Circular against her.”

    All about the incident!

    The actor was called in for interrogation by the Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing last week. The actor was interrogated for more than seven hours.

    According to HT, the actress had confessed to investigators that Chandrashekhar had given a sizable sum of money to fashion designer Leepakshi to create exclusive clothes for her.

    Her acquaintance with Chandrashekhar—who is charged in more than ten cases—began on WhatsApp in January 2021. According to the report, she had discreetly met the con artist a number of times at a renowned hotel in Chennai and other locations.

    image of Jacqueline and Sukesh
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    What ED states about the Jacqueline matter?

    The ED alleges in its charge sheet against Fernandez that the actor deliberately decided to ignore Chandrashekhar’s criminal history. This implies she was either directly or indirectly involved in the $200 million fraud.

    Even though the actress has attempted to maintain her innocence regarding her relationship with the con artist, The ED has stated that the actress “herself admitted to having found various articles on Google search on Sukesh Chandrashekhar reflecting his criminal antecedents.”

    “Jacqueline Fernandez received presents and money from Sukesh between January 2021 and July 2021, up until his arrest by the Delhi Police in the current case, despite being aware of his criminal past. When challenged by Sukesh Chandrasekhar, Jacqueline Fernandez never told the truth about their financial dealings and always kept information to herself, “reading the charge When challenged by Sukesh Chandrasekhar, Jacqueline Fernandez never told the truth about their financial dealings and always kept information to herself, “read the charge sheet.”

    According to ED, Sukesh and Fernandez were both determined to have conspired with one another and to have attempted to assist one another when faced with the evidence. In order to “examine the money trail of gifts offered to the actor,” the Delhi Police are also anticipated to interview Leepakshi.

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