Lotus Makes Its Debut in India With Eletre Electric SUV, Which Costs Rs 2.55 crore

    Lotus, a British sports car manufacturer, has officially entered India. The Eletre SUV is the brand’s debut model in India, and it starts at Rs 2.55 crore (ex-showroom), making it the most costly and powerful electric SUV in the country. Lotus will also deliver the Emira, the brand’s final ICE-powered sportscar, to India in 2024. Lotus was introduced to India by Exclusive Motors, which also represents Bentley in the country. The first dealership will operate in New Delhi, with more locations opening around the country.

    The Lotus Eletre is the brand’s first automobile to be developed on a pure-electric platform sourced by Geely, Lotus’ parent company. The Eletre’s design incorporates aspects from previous Lotus vehicles while also giving the SUV an aggressive appearance. While it is an SUV, the proportions make it appear to be a raised four-door sportscar. Lotus unveiled the Eletre R, the top-spec form of the SUV, which includes additional features not seen in the standard model.

    The front has a cluttered appearance with two boomerang-shaped LED DRLs underneath which is a big air channel section with two scoops flowing under the hood and two scoops sideways towards the doors. These contribute to front downforce and divert air away from the bodywork. The lower bumper has a grille, active aero components, and a broad carbon fiber splitter. The headlights are concealed. The Eletre R is fitted with 22-inch alloy wheels with carbon fiber inlays. The sides have pop-out door handles, cameras, and LIDAR sensors – above the front wheels and in the center of the windshield. There are also air channels on the front wheel arches, rear wheel arches, and the D-pillar.

    The rear is fairly complex, with a split spoiler at the roof’s lip that directs airflow to a manually deployed spoiler. A big wraparound LED light strip is located beneath this.

    Lotus Makes Its Debut in India With  Eletre Electric SUV, Which Costs Rs 2.55 crore, Axpert Media

    The Eletre’s interior is unlike most other automobiles in that it is driver-focused and technologically advanced. The Lotus Hyper OS is run on a massive 15.1-inch infotainment display that folds down into the dashboard when not in use. The front cabin is divided into two equal portions and has two thin information displays – the driver does not have an instrument display, but instead has a huge and understandable HUD. The HVAC is controlled by a few switches. The entire interior is coated in Alcantara, although Lotus is expected to offer a variety of upholstery alternatives. 

    The Lotus Eletre comes standard with five seats, but a four-seater variation is available as an option, as shown on the cars on exhibit at the launch event.

    Wireless charging, 12-way adjustable front seats, four-zone temperature control, a 15-speaker Dolby Atmos and KEF premium sound system, variable ambient lighting, soft close doors, and other features are available on the Lotus Eletre. Lotus is delivering ADAS with the Eletre, which includes LIDAR technology, which is regarded as far more sophisticated than the typical camera and radar system.

    Lotus offers three Eletre trim levels: basic, S, and R. There are two powertrain options: a 603bhp dual-motor arrangement for the Eletre and Eletre S, and a 905bhp dual-motor setup for the Eletre R. Torque values are 710Nm and 985Nm. The Eletre R can sprint from 0 to 100kmph in 2.95 seconds, while the other two are a little slower, requiring 4.5 seconds. A 112kWh battery is standard on all three SUV types, giving the Eletre R a range of 490km according to WLTP and the other two a range of 600km.

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    The standard Lotus Eletre costs Rs 2.55 crore, the Eletre S costs Rs 2.75 crore, and the Eletre R costs Rs 2.99 crore (all prices ex-showroom). As yet, the Eletre has no competitors; nevertheless, at this price range, it competes with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, Maserati Levante Trofeo, Mercedes-AMG G 63, Lamborghini Urus S, and Audi RS Q8. The Lotus Emira will join the Eletre next year. The Emira is powered by a 400bhp V6 or a 360bhp four-pot, the final ICE engines for any Lotus vehicle. 

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