Now lotus flowers will also enhance the beauty of Ramgarh Tal

To further enhance the beauty of Ramgarhtal, the Gorakhpur Development Authority is planting Kamalnal on the banks of Padleganj and the Zoo of Tal. There is silt in both places. Hence, this part looks dirty. Lotus plants will hide this silt, as well as flowers will make this area beautiful. If the experiment is successful, it will be implemented in other parts of the pool as well.

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Kamalnal is being planted under the leadership of Yashwant Singh, Public Relations Officer of the Authority. These are being procured from nearby ponds. GDA Vice President Prem Ranjan Singh said that to make Ramgarhtal more beautiful, Kamalnal is being planted at some places.

Siltation required

To further enhance the beauty of Ramgarh Tal, there is a plan to remove about 80 lakh cubic meters of silt from the pool. It has been sent to the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), New Delhi. Regular correspondence is also taking place regarding this proposal of Rs 350 crore. For the beautification of the pool, earlier the Jal Nigam had done the work of removing silt and water hyacinth with about Rs 200 crore received from the central government. This had cleared the pool to some extent, but there is still a lot of silt.

Soon Ramayana-Krishna Leela will also be seen in the light and sound show

Soon the light and sound show will show the cultural, spiritual and literary heritage of Gorakhpur as well as Ramayana and Krishna Leela. Gorakhpur Development Authority (GDA) is preparing to expand the light and sound show to be conducted on Naya Savera.

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In association with the firm operating the show, the authority has started its exercise. The Chief Justice of the High Court Prayagraj, Rajesh Bindal, who recently came to Gorakhpur, had also suggested the expansion of the show. During his stay in the city, the Chief Justice witnessed the sound and light show on the evening of 30th June on Naya Dawn Shore.

After the show gets expanded, different scenes will be seen at different festivals and occasions. Ramayan will be presented during Dussehra, and then during Krishna Janmashtami, the audience will be able to watch Krishna Leela. Along with this, the saga of the immortal martyrs of the freedom struggle will also be seen in the Jugalbandi of voice and light.

At present, information about the history and development of Gorakhpur is given in the show for about half an hour. Gorakhpur and surrounding areas, great men are also told. To make the show even better, GDA Vice President Prem Ranjan Singh was also preparing for its expansion. Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the High Court also suggested, so now these preparations have been intensified. The Vice President has given this responsibility to GDA Secretary Uday Pratap Singh.

The work of building an audience gallery on the banks of Ramgarhtal started

Along with expediting the construction work of the new railing along the Ramgarhtal side, the Gorakhpur Development Authority (GDA) has now started the construction of the audience gallery (viewing deck). Soon the construction of a footpath will also be started for two kilometres for walking along the pool. The height of this footpath with a minimum width of four feet shall be six inches from the road.

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