Nuh Accident: Rolls Royce collides with an oil truck on a motorway near Delhi, killing 2 people

Two individuals were murdered in a tragic accident in Haryana’s Nuh on 22 August after a Rolls Royce Phantom collided with a fuel tanker on the New Delhi-Mumbai motorway, according to NDTV, who added that the car was apparently traveling at 230 kilometers per hour.

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Three individuals were hurt in the collision, including the occupants of the automobile, and are being treated at a Gurgaon hospital. According to the PTI, the injured were named Divya and Tasbir from Chandigarh, and Vikas from Delhi, while the tanker driver, Rampreet, and his helper Kuldeep were murdered.

According to the images, the front of the 10 crore Phantom has been reduced to a pile of shredded metal, with the engine on fire and debris around the car. Aside from that, the car’s doors were open, displaying a bright orange inside.

A crumpled lump of brown metal lay on the side of the roadway on the other side of the tanker.

“On that particular day, we reached the scene within five minutes after getting information about the accident.” At this moment, the crash had finished… and the tanker was on fire. But there was no one in the car… they had departed,” a resident told NDTV.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Ashok Kumar of Nuh Police said the hoses in the tanker were regulars on this road, and both the tanker and the Phantom were on their way from Delhi when the incident happened.

“According to eyewitnesses, the car was driving too fast, which caused the accident.” At this moment, we cannot corroborate this, nor can we confirm the speed at which it was driven. “The investigation is ongoing,” NDTV’s Ashok Kumar said.

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“There is potential for a U-turn at the accident site, but the order of events is still being determined.” We do know the ship was hit on its side. We are already gathering statements from those injured and will visit the Gurgaon hospital soon,” he said.

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