Back With his voice-over on the new parliament building, Shah Rukh Khan has received internet criticism

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    Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has come under fire for giving his voice-over for the new Parliament building, which ignited an internet controversy.

    While some praised him for his patriotism and support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, others questioned his engagement in political matters and accused him of bias.

    Despite the trolls, Khan stands by his tweet, emphasizing the new Parliament building’s importance in representing India’s diverse people and maintaining the country’s constitutional ideals.

    Furthermore, Shah Rukh Khan was chastised for being silent during the continuing protest of wrestlers sitting under the open sky at Jantar Mantar.

    A user with the pseudonym Nadim Ahmad Sheikh responded, “Whether you call it devotion or force, the daughters of the country have been camping under the open sky at Jantar Mantar for a month, yet you don’t have a single word for them.”

    The response to Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet has been divided, with one person saying, “Well Played, Prime Minister.” Leftists can now COPE.”

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    Many people wonder why the popular actor, known for his influential voice and social commentary, has avoided addressing major issues impacting the country. The absence of his opinion stimulates disputes about the role of celebrities in speaking out on important subjects and the public’s expectations of them.

    “What a spineless man you are!” remarked another user, Shweta Soni. You couldn’t even defend your own countrymen… it’s disgusting.”

    “There must have been some obligation, otherwise this tweet would not have been possible,” stated Hitendra Pithadiya. Many people think so.”

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla are set to inaugurate India’s new Parliament building on Sunday, May 28. Adheenams from Tamil Nadu presented PM Narendra Modi with the ‘Sengol,’ a historic scepter, before the inauguration. Opposition parties have voiced concerns over the opening, stating that the new Parliament building should be inaugurated by the President of India, Draupadi Murmu, rather than the Prime Minister.

    A boycott request has been issued by as many as 20 opposition groups, including Congress, the Trinamool Congress (TMC), and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

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