Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Learn keyboard shortcuts and become a pro at using Chrome.

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Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Chrome is a great browser that many people use every day. With keyboard shortcuts it can help you be much more productive. In this blog we’ll look at some of the things you can do with simple keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome to help you be more productive.


Tab & window shortcuts

Open a new windowCtrl + n
Open a new window in Incognito modeCtrl + Shift + n
Open a new tab, and jump to itCtrl + t
Reopen previously closed tabs in the order they were closedCtrl + Shift + t
Jump to the next open tabCtrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn
Jump to the previous open tabCtrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PgUp
Jump to a specific tabCtrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8
Jump to the rightmost tabCtrl + 9
Open your home page in the current tabAlt + Home
Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + Left arrow
Open the next page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + Right arrow
Close the current tabCtrl + w or Ctrl + F4
Close the current windowCtrl + Shift + w or Alt + F4
Minimize the current windowAlt + Space then n
Maximize the current windowAlt + Space then x
Quit Google ChromeAlt + f then x
Move tabs right or leftCtrl + Shift + PgUp or Ctrl + Shift + PgDn

Whether you’re a techie or not, there’s something intuitive about using keyboard shortcuts. Of course, one of the main advantages is that you can accomplish a task at the blink of an eye. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome that will help you get your work done faster.


Google Chrome feature shortcuts

Open the Chrome menuAlt + f or Alt + e
Show or hide the Bookmarks barCtrl + Shift + b
Open the Bookmarks ManagerCtrl + Shift + o
Open the History page in a new tabCtrl + h
Open the Downloads page in a new tabCtrl + j
Open the Chrome Task ManagerShift + Esc
Set focus on the first item in the Chrome toolbarShift + Alt + t
Set focus on the rightmost item in the Chrome toolbarF10 
Switch focus to unfocused dialog (if showing) and all toolbarsF6
Open the Find Bar to search the current pageCtrl + f or F3
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + g
Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + Shift + g
Open Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + j or F12
Open the Clear Browsing Data optionsCtrl + Shift + Delete
Open the Chrome Help Center in a new tabF1
Log in a different user or browse as a GuestCtrl + Shift + m
Open a feedback formAlt + Shift + i
Turn on caret browsingF7
Skip to web contentsCtrl + F6
Focus on inactive dialogsAlt + Shift + a

Address bar shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts in the address bar:

Search with your default search engineType a search term Enter
Search using a different search engineType a search engine name and press Tab
Add www. and .com to a site name, and open it in the current tabType a site name + Ctrl + Enter
Open a new tab and perform a Google searchType a search term Alt + Enter
Jump to the address barCtrl + l or Alt + d or F6
Search from anywhere on the pageCtrl + k or Ctrl + e
Remove predictions from your address barDown arrow to highlight + Shift + Delete
Move cursor to the address barControl + F5

We hope this blog has been a useful guide on how to use keyboard shortcuts in order to become a pro at using chrome. If you have any other questions or would like to know more about using keyboard shortcuts with chrome, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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