Sukesh Chandrasekhar, a “conman,” criticizes the BJP while also criticizing Delhi CM Kejriwal.

According to a press release by Sukesh Chandrasekhar, AAP stole Rs 50 crore from him.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar, an alleged con artist, alleged in a press statement on Saturday that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had stolen $50 million from him and given him a Rajya Sabha seat. He further claimed that Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, had requested him to enlist 20 to 30 individuals to donate Rs 500 crore to the party in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in 2016.

Chandrasekhar is currently detained at Mandoli jail, where he is also charged of bribing guards to receive special treatment.

Chandrasekhar had previously addressed a letter to the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) of Delhi, VK Saxena, in which he claimed that Satyendar Jain, the Delhi Home Minister, had asked for “protection money” while he was imprisoned. Satyendar Jain is currently in jail due to an accused money laundering case.

The L-G transmitted the letter to the chief secretary and requested that he respond in accordance with the law.

In response to Kejriwal’s tweet, in which he referred to Sukesh as a thug and suggested that his accusations were an attempt to divert attention from the collapse of the Morbi bridge, Chandrasekhar declared that he will file a defamation lawsuit against the Delhi chief minister the following week.

Additionally, he asserted that Kejriwal had joined him at a dinner party following the handover of the Rs 50 crore.

The AAP’s spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj attacked the BJP and Chandrasekhar in response to Chandrasekhar’s accusations. “The BJP is extremely concerned with the results of the municipal elections in Gujarat and Delhi, and its desperation is so blatant that a con artist like Sukesh Chandrasekhar is now its leading campaigner. Sukesh is he who? Many wouldn’t be aware.

Sukesh requested money from Shivender Singh’s wife in the names of the law secretary, the home secretary, and ultimately the home minister Amit Shah while Shivender Singh and his brother were detained by Ranbaxy. By displaying this letter, the BJP is gaining Sukesh’s support today and designating him as its brand ambassador and star campaigner. If Sukesh is truly a knowledgeable man who never lies, then I want to know where the money is, specifically the Rs 215 crore that he claimed to have taken in the name of Amit Shah. He said, “Where has the BJP and Shah kept that money?

Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, referred to the accusations made against Kejriwal as “absurd” and criticized the BJP for “cutting a deal” with Sukesh.

The BJP has a contract with a conman in Tihar to manufacture false accusations. Against Kejriwal every day in exchange for the BJP helping him with his case, according to Sisodia. “The BJP is concerned it would lose terribly in Gujarat and in the MCD votes,” Sisodia said.

He will reportedly join the BJP next week in front of JP Nadda, the party’s leader, according to Sisodia.

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