Top IT Company Employee Lost Over Rs 17 Lakh and Is Offered Part-Time Job In Hotel Reservations

    When he sought to find a part-time job online, a Mumbai-based IT expert lost nearly Rs 17 lakh. He was told that his work would include hotel reservations.

    Various examples of internet fraud have occurred around the country in the previous few months. In many of these scams, victims were tempted by the promise of part-time employment that would allow them to supplement their income. However, part-time employment promised by strangers has frequently been shown to be scandalous, and in another similar example, a Mumbai-based programmer lost almost Rs 17 lakh after scammers approached him with an opportunity to earn some additional income.

    According to a PTI story, the 42-year-old programmer was approached by fraudsters on August 3 with a part-time work offer. Continue reading to find out what happened next.

    An employee of an IT business is duped online.

    On August 3, a guy and a woman contacted the technician and offered him a part-time job relating to hotel bookings, according to a police officer. In order to complete the task, the fraudsters emailed a link to the man using the popular app Telegram. The victim was initially requested to pay a fee for registration before being coerced into paying further money under various pretexts. He was assured that he would make ‘easy money’ from this profession.

    Top IT Company Employee Lost Over Rs 17 Lakh and Is Offered Part-Time Job In Hotel Reservations, Axpert Media

    The crooks took roughly Rs 17.28 lakh over a few days, and when the technician inquired about his promised money, he received no response. The technician realized he had been misled at this point. In this situation, a lawsuit was filed under the IT Act.

    How to stay safe from such scams

    Also, use extreme caution when entering personal information such as your name, phone number, and so on, and only input it on reliable websites.

    Finally, never transfer money to a stranger’s bank account or give out your financial information to anyone. Reputable organizations would never ask you for money in exchange for a job. 

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    There are a few things that individuals may keep in mind to avoid falling victim to such fraud. To begin, it is preferable to apply for part-time work on reputable websites such as LinkedIn,, Indeed, and others. If you must apply for employment through other channels, conduct a comprehensive background check on the individual providing the position and determine his or her legitimacy. Inquire about their name, the name of their firm, and so forth. A simple Google search can sometimes assist you determine whether or not the firm providing the position exists.

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